Scanner helmet

I was wondering if someone could tell me the frequency of the Scanner helmet? Is it rare, very rare etc? Thanks.


Cool thanks!

> 2535455312685959;2:
> Requisitions page says “Ultra Rare”

XD why??

What I would do for this helmet…

I have had it for a really long time, and i hate it.

Do want.
Rocked the Scanner back in Halo 4 (before it was in the mcc scoff, roll eyes)

Ultra Rare. Saw someone wearing it the other day, not really a fan.

It reminds me of a blu-ray player.

ill give my scanner helmet i know ill never use it

I wish the body was an actual unique body…

Love the scanner getting xbox one finally so yeah my goal is scanner used it at day one on halo 4 - DM Macaw

Its one of my favorites and looks pretty good with the orbital torso(any variant).