Scammed by BIG German Company wich sell H.W.2

Hey devs,
i dont want to name the company public so i am asking to talk about this issue private, and some1 who could speak german, just a little bit, would be nice.
problem is, i pre-orderd halo wars 2 ultimate edition for xbox one, they said on there webpage “play anywere” after picking up the game in one of there stores, it dosnt worked, so i had to talk to microsoft, called em, i have there a person, i can name him and send u private the id of the ticket, he told me its not possible but they way they promote the game is wrong and not allowed in germany. i just bought it there because they special say “play anywere” even for an xbox one retail (disc) version. i asked the company to get my money back, they said, nope its microsofts fault, the disciption is from microsoft and they changed nothing. microsoft says no thats wrong. so i am left allone now because i just wanted play anywere. i through when saw this on the page of em, well, dont know how they do it, but i am an collector of halo stuff, so maybe a play anywere code is included and i have a new disc in my collection (sadly i miss the steel case for this game)
i have no idea what to do know and want to talk personaly private with some1 from 343 about this issue since microsoft told me, not a bad idea to try it this way too.
sry for my english, i know its kinda bad and sucks :smiley: dont need to tell me guys :smiley:

Hi OP, did you purchase a physical copy of the XBox version of the game? If you did then that’s why it won’t work. Play Anywhere is only supported on digital purchases made from the Xbox / Microsoft store or supported partners. The exception to this rule is the physical PC version of the game - THQ Nordic were able to offer Play Anywhere to those who bought this version.

Regarding refunds, I’m not sure what laws are like in Germany but certainly over here there are certain protections when buying online - like cooling off periods allowing you to return certain types of items. Your contract is generally with the retailer you purchased the game from, so that company should be the people you speak to in the first instance. Issues like this aren’t really anything that 343 can handle as they don’t have anything to do with accounts or billing, especially when it’s a 3rd party.

hey strckboy,

yes i bought the disc version, because it still saying on the webpage “play anywere” at the disc version. my throughs where, that this incluseds a special code since the promote it with this sentence. i havent bought it online. i was checking online wich company offers pre-order and sadly, we dont had many where i can be sure to have the game at release date. the company i bought it, i can be sure to have it at release date.

we in germany dont have a protection for games, where the seal is broken. if the seal is broken, wich ofcourse i had to do to get the disc and the code card, i cannot refound it. i talked to the company, to the central administration of the company, and they said “nope we done nothing wrong, the text you can read there is from microsoft and or the publisher of the game so you have to contact them”

i had a call to microsoft, was talking with one the section leaders, and he also said it could help if i write in here. what this company is doing is wrong, not allowed in germany and against the law since its called “false advertising” (i hope thats right in english).
i had a chat with my girl infront of the person at the store, wich sold it to me, and we were talking about the play anywhere feature, so he had time to jump in and to correct it, but he didnt.

i want this as play anywere game that i can play it with my girl together, since it has no split screen this would be our solution. we never bought any play anywere games before, but we know how it works, thats why i was so happy and excited that they sell a disk version with play anywere. i had no idea how they wanted to make it possible with the play anywere, but since this company has special contracts with microsoft and its fellow companys, we had no bad throughs about this. we through everything will be working then. but i was totaly wrong, and u can be sure, this isnt a small company its a global company but one of the biggest in europe and germany if it comes down to games selling.

i hope this explaination is a bit better. i head to bed now since its quite late in germany …

PM me a link to the website and I will take a look at it. If they are indeed advertising physical Xbox retail discs as play anywhere then then is incorrect

> Xbox Play Anywhere only applies to digital games.
> Xbox Play Anywhere games can be purchased in the Xbox Store, the Windows Store, or via a digital code at participating retailers.

sent to u … not sure if ur an dev or related to 343 or ms studio :smiley:

its interesting how you dont wanna Name the Company here, but at the same time its ok to write big german Company. then just write you got scammed. calling out the Germans as bad Boys is ok, but not the culprits themselfes or what? as you can tell i am german and im a bit pissed.

and it is “which” not “wich”

in most forums is a name/shame rule … means dont name and blame persons companys … thats why in gernal dont do it …

Got your PM OP but been swamped with work today. Will have a look at it this evening and let you know :slight_smile:

I don’t really see why you should get a code for PC extra in the box for you that would mean you get two games for one, which is not how this works and actually that should be clear from the start and makes perfect sense… digital purchases do have the “play anywhere” feature but it is registered to their specific account with which they bought the game, which means only ONE game, sure they can play the game on XBone and PC but not at the same time, what you are describing is not the case because you could play it on your xbox with the disc and with the code on another xbox, with another account or pc, so you would buy the game once and get two that is actually not ok. Also you should have looked on the box if it had the “play anywhere” feature it would have been stated on the box, if not it does not have it and then it does not matter what the advertising says but what is on the box… on the xbox one version it is stated right under the logo:

sorry to say but I actually have at the moment more the feeling you want to get a second game for you girlfriend for free


this company is a special partner of MS and its fellow companys. they have offers of MS products wich they always would make lose of money. but since MS supports this, they make profit.

the advertising of an product must be correctly, otherwise its scam. they specific say disc version play anywhere. this means for me, they give me a code.

and to disapoint u. we wanted from the first place play anywhere since we would be able to play it together since h.w.2 has no split screen. one can play at the win10 and the other one at the xbox or both could play at the pc. its possible with different profiles aslong you are in one family wich we are (ofcourse we are since we life together)

i am collecting halo stuff since i joined the halo community back with halo 2 … so it was for me as a collector the perfect deal, getting the disc for collection and play anywhere as they advertising.

and what point does it has, that my girl has a second game … we dont even need it with play anywhere … 1 game enough for both players …

It is not possible to play the same game, via the same “game code”, simultaneously on different systems even if you had play anywhere… only one system at a time can play the game… so play anywhere would not help you at all here…

then name the company, I looked up a few “german” companys and non of them is stating that the xbox one disc version has play anywhere… like I said if you are not able to find it on the box then it does not have the feature, the xbox one version even states that it is only for xbox one… next time look at the box if there is nothing stated than it does not have the feature and for a xbox one disc version like I said it makes perfect sense that it does not get an extra code for play anywhere, because you would get two games for the price of one and that is not how this works…

sadly, i cannot agree with you about the family sharing, yes you can halo wars 2 over the family sharing, we asked ms allready bout this, since it would make no sense, you can play it with family sharing on xbox but not pc … makes no sense somehow so we asked ms directly … even MS says its possible at Halo wars 2 …

edit: and thats what we are after from the begin at … thats why we wanted it play anywhere. that we get scammed like this by the company, we didnt know …
i just dont want a second copy or anything … i basicly want my money back (wich is kinda hard in germany when the seal of the case is broken) or to trade it directly into an digital version with that company … its only possible if the 343 or MS (wich ofcourse is not the first partner i need to speak to) say yes its possible …

Wrong “play anywhere” is not family sharing, these are complete different things!

“Du kannst dich bei einem Spiel nur auf einer Xbox One Konsole oder auf einem Windows 10-PC anmelden. Du kannst bei einem Spiel nicht auf beiden Geräten – Xbox One Konsole und Windows 10-PC – gleichzeitig angemeldet sein.”


it just says “same account” nothing bout family sharing :smiley:

dude you really do not understand it right? family sharing only works between two xbox ones, not with windows 10… the play anywhere feature is for this exact problem, but you can only play on one system at a time with play anywhere, so even if you give your disc version back and get a online code, you guys can’t play together if you play on the xbox with the account and your girlfriend plays on windows 10 because she needs to use the same account for play anywhere because the game is registered to this account and the account can’t be actively playing the same game on one xbox and one win 10 pc, like the quote I posted from the official site states. so if you do not have a second xbox one at home you won’t be able to play together…

so either you have a second xbox one at home and use family sharing then or you need to buy a second game if you want to play together.

Hey OP.

Ok I took a loot at the website you sent me. It is a little confusing as it appears they are selling a physical disc version of the game on that page. The text underneath states simply “Supports Play anywhere on Xbox One and Windows 10 PC”, but fails to mention that Play Anywhere is only for digital copies and not physical. They should really update their page to make that a lot clearer as it is slightly misleading.

Saying that, I missed your comments earlier about playing with your partner and Albi was correct above with what he said - Play Anywhere is not a replacement for splitscreen, Play Anywhere was designed for people to move between Console and PC or vice-versa and seamlessly transfer their game progress. What you are looking for is Family or Game sharing which can be done between 2 Xbox One Consoles. This is from the Xbox Play Anywhere FAQ that I linked further up:

> <mark>At any single point in time, you may only sign into the game on one Xbox One console or one Windows 10 PC. You cannot be signed into the same game on both an Xbox One console and a Windows 10 PC at the same time.</mark>

Regarding refunds, that’s not anything that 343 are able to handle. They don’t deal with account or billing for games, especially not anything bought from a 3rd party. Your contract is always with who you purchased the game from, so it needs to be that retailer you speak to to try and resolve the issue.