Scalping problem slight solution

So I had a slight solution on how we could deal with the scalping prices scalpers are charging make a law that only allows resellers to charge a certain amount above the retail price so for example one store might be selling 9 mm ammo for $5 other sellers could charge more but there would be a limit on how much more they could charge so let’s say they could charge $5 more making it $10 but then if they are caught selling it over he resell limit than they could be arrested another example if a game system cost $500 resellers would be allowed to charged $200 more but if they are are caught trying to sell it for more than that then again they get arrested it’s not a perfect solution but this way we could start arresting anyone that is massively overpricing things I mean scalpers are charging quadruple the amount that the system should cost which is ridiculous I would be willing to pay 700 but 2,000 to 3,000 well they can take that system and showed up there you know what

I mean, scalpers are terrible, nobody loves them but themselves, but arresting them is a bit extreme. Not to mention that scalping is a problem all across the world and different countries have different laws.

Just download the HotStock app (pay the $4.99 for premium or you won’t get notifications in time) and have your payment info ready on all major retail sites, you’ll get one eventually. I’ve gotten multiple SX and PS5 for friends using it

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So you would take probably several thousand lives, maybe more, just because you dislike people? Yeah, history doesn’t look favourably on events like that.

Instead of wasting police time, the better thing to do would be to limit the amount of stock to one or two per shipping address.

There is a more reasonable solution and that is to restrict online sales of products to people who have purchased something with their Microsoft account at a value of [cost here] within the past [number of months here].

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Limiting 1 or 2 per address is a start but it won’t solve everything they would still find a way because they have no life so arresting them really would be the only way to fix the problem completely but again finding them is the problem I mean a lot of them live in countries where we have no jurisdiction

What’s this gotta do with Halo?

Well let’s see I would like a Series X which Halo is on the Series X I know it’s on the older versions as well but it would be better on a Series X and there’s a Halo Series X as well and scalpers have grabbed a bunch of those t0 it’s all related if you pay attention

Just buy the older version bozo :roll_eyes:

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Why would I play it on a older version if it’s better on the series X of course currently I do because of scalpers grabbing all these Series X because they have no life

Suck it up buttercup

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I would say something but I don’t wanna get kicked off the other way point by you probably have a good idea of what I want to say also the reason I want a Series X is because in aliens fireteam when I use the flamethrower the heavy one on a group of enemies it causes the game to crash because the system can’t handle it hopefully Halo Infinite doesn’t suffer the same problem

This is why I’m refusing to give companies money who don’t put safeguards in place against Scalpers. I’m saving my money for the Steam Deck since Valve actually put safeguards in place against scalpers and their Bots but making it so that customers are limited to one Deck per customer, if you wanted to reserve a spot to get a Steam Deck, you had to have made a purchase prior to June 2021 etc. which is smart on Valve’s part and I will reward that with buying a Steam Deck. Can’t wait for that piece of machinery from everything coming out about it. I’m excited.

Have you gotten the Halo Series X yet? I’ve been using something similar and still have been shut out. Regular Series X was a cinch though.

No I have not gotten the Halo series X yet or a regular don’t think I ever will thanks to scalpers that’s why I think scalping should be illegal and that all scalpers should be arrested his thanks to them I’m royally screwed

I was more talking to @TylerAFK with the HotStock app.