Scalper Strike Again

So I tryed to and get the Halo infinite collectors edition but it seems that scalpers have striked again out of curiosity do any of you on here have any ideas on how 343 Microsoft or any company could do better at selling their stuff online so that people who actually are going to play the game can’t get it and not the scalpers that want to charge us $500 for the thing

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The thing is they can’t without adding something on top of it

Example being a power up rewards member at gamestop gets you first access for gamestop

Something I would have done is if you pre-ordered a standard edition then when the collectors edition came out you would automatically be upgraded to that then you would get an email or text asking you would like to accept the upgrade if you select no then you be knocked back down to just the standard edition but if you accept yes then obviously you would be upgraded to the collectors edition this would help with some of the scalping problem

Or just outlaw the re-selling at anything higher than retail price.


What we really need is this, atrocious that the consumer market gets to determine the price of things over the values that companies actually make and retail them for.

The best way to prevent this is to sell it in stores and only 1 per customer/household, then maybe we all might have a chance, you can go on eBay and report people who are selling the console if they do not have it with them just the pre-order.