Scale achievement scores

A few of the new achievements are really easy, even more so depending on difficulty chosen and bandana skull. They are worth 20 achievement points.

Achievements should be scaled based on difficulty chosen and possibly skulls.

To start if it is done on easy it’s worth 5 points, normal 10, heroic 15, and legendary 20. Possibly add a multiplier over 1 (1.2 for example) for certain skulls or lower than 1 (0.8) for the bandana skull.

Thus differentiating the “achievement” for what was actually achieved.

Maybe even be able to make up the difference in points if its first done on easy and then cranked up to legendary.

Full disclosure; yup, I knocked some out with the bandana skull on easy.

Honestly, why??? Cheevos never scale with difficulty, so why would they change them to do so now? Are you new to the concept of them cause just like many past games before Infinite, cheevos never scaled based on difficulty… even past halo games.

If they set them to be completed after performing a specific action, that’s that. They don’t need to be dynamic or scale or any of that silliness. If they’re easy, guess what… you just increased your gamerscore a bit more.

Trust me… there are games that have achievements that require dedication on the level of years required before they unlock, so if you want that kind of challenge, go for those games that offer the hardest ones. There’s no need to call for scaling cheevos (especially AFTER they released) in a game that has a ton of issues a year after release. Also, go for the LASO achievement if you want a challenge. Go for all the LASO cheevos in MCC as an added bonus. Just be happy with the fact that Infinite got more added to give ppl a bit extra to do. It could’ve been like destiny where they stopped adding them even though the game is one of the biggest/longest running always online games… at least we got more again.

I would like this to be a thing too, but going by most video games at the end of the 360’s life we are not gonna get an accurate amount of points bassed on difficulty. However the “% of gamers who have unlocked” I believe is a better identifier of status now a days anyway.

I don’t know if that’s true with Gamepass or F2P games.

And only 4.15% of players have watched a clip in theatre, for example.

Wait… achievements have scores?

Whenever I’ve looked at game achievements I’ve always figured they were roughly scaled to expected difficulty, it’s ust sometimes the developer gets it badly wrong.

Either way it’s massively inconsistent between achievements within a game and between different games. At the end of the day the points really mean anything, so what does it matter? Playing short, easy to complete games will boost your score way more than hunting down difficult achievement and it’s always been this way.

I’m not trying to say it wouldn’t be nice to have some standardisation of points vs difficulty but who would be making that determination for every new game and would it really be worth the effort?