SBT Alpha Company

Good day.
If you’re looking for a military based, mega-serious ultra clan, with a X at the end to show how EXTREME we are…
This is the wrong post.
I’m Colonel Harris of SBT Alpha Company. While yes, we’re military based and even have a ranking heirachy, this clan is more of a rag-tag group for misfits and wildcards who don’t quite fit in with the other clans. Edgy, right?

Anyway, we use tactics and some of us are alright at the game, but at the end of the day, we’re a clan of misfits that just so happened to find a few big guns.

If, for some reason, you’re still reading this, and you are over 13, have a death wish or have some wild ambition to join our ranks, you already seem like you’ll fit right in with us. Except for the death wish. Sort that out.

Message me either through here or Xbox Live at my Gamer Tag: ‘Harris VII’.If you have any questions or enquiries, comment at me, or, again, send me a message.