SBMM makes sure my friends can’t have fun with me

Man the SBMM in this game makes sure my friends can’t have fun while playing with me. I’m a fairly highskilled experienced player, one friend is a total noob new to Halo MP and one other is of average skill. Alone they do normal and get some fun games but from the moment they start matchmaking with me the average lobbyskill increases so much they get their -Yoink!- handed to them everytime. This results in them getting frustrated and quitting the game to play something else. I get there needs to be SBMM for competitive and ranked modes but why did they need to add it to social modes. It is really ruining the fun my friends can have with me which is sad because we had so much fun in previous Halo’s together. I hope some changes to the MM are coming up soon because I don’t know how long they’ll keep playing this way.

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