Sbmm is really starting to ruin the fun of the game

I’m not the type of person that just wants to kill bad players or farm for kd but ever since I played ranked and got placed I have noticed a major change in my Quick play matches. They have got almost as sweaty as my ranked games and most of the time people are just running around with the pistol not missing a single shot. Its almost impossible for me to win a 1v1 with the assault rifle. I know for a fact its sbmm and not me playing bad because as soon as one of my friends joins with me that is not quite as good we go against average normal non mgl players but as soon as I play solo its back to the sweat. What is the point in having a ranked mode if we are always playing with sbmm.


I can appreciate the sentiment, I have found quickplay to be more of a mixed bag than ranked which makes me think the social aspect is looser on sbmm. It can be disheartening if it’s too tight, I remember in CoD I barely scraped a 1k/d and was struggling to top 10-15 kills per game, the games were insane. Played with a friend who fancies himself as a very good CoD player and I dropped over 100 kills in one game.

All games do it and it’s very good for most the community, but the better you get the less fun the game becomes socially as the lines between normal and competitive modes blur.

I think ultimately it is a good thing, but I’d much prefer it not to be across all playlists. It would be great if your Trueskill2 was different across different playlists. I should be able to be considered a Platinum player in BTB and Keyboard Solo/Duo but an Onyx player in Quickplay and Crossplay Arena. That would be much fairer to my playstyle.

I found if the sbmm gets too strict you’re just playing way too well and just trying to play casual and not care as much will result in you having more fun. Idk tho


Absolutely agree. If it is social quick play I should face everyone from pro gamers to total noobs. The only time SBMM potentially should be involved if it is a premade matching other premades.

And that’s fine if the overall spread of players above and below you averages out to be the same for everyone.

But it doesn’t.

True if you’re average, but if you’re above or below average, then not. Yup.

SBMM is not strong enough, way to often i have matches that are not close to even. Most matches are pretty one-sided. Most of the matches either have 7 players that are about even (kda about -2 to 5 and 1 player that is way way better (kda of >10) and is ruining the whole balance of the match or matches where the best player of team A is way better then his teammates, but is still about evenly skilled with the worst 2 of team B.

And when there are about equal teams, it’s mostly where both teams have 1 player that is way better then the rest of their teams. The team that wins (in slayer) is then the team where the lesser 3 are the best in avoiding that good player…

Those are not fun matches. I agree that there should be a bit difference between players within a team and the teams should be about equal, but most of the time that difference is way to big and the teams are not equal.

I also think that people who ask for the SBMM to be very weak or not implemented at all don’t realise what that would do to the game. Saying that you 50% easy matches and 50% hard matches (or 33-33 with 33 equal) are only looking at the players dead centre in the middle of the skill gap. But they forget about the rest.

  • Players at the top will almost always get (very) easy matches against (way) lesser skilled players. For them it could get boring quickly. And for easy matches, there is already Bot Bootcamp, yet: they rarerly play that. Why would that be?
  • Players at the bottom would almost always get impossible matches where they are (massively) outskilled and would (almost) always lose matches.

It would create matches where almost always you would already know within the first minute who would win and that you wont even have to bother trying. Especially in the losing teams this would result in massive amounts of quitters, because (almost) no one likes to play those kind of matches, let alone entire sprees of those matches. And eventually they would just quit playing the game entirely. And then for the average skilled players it would get the same problems as for the lesser skilled players (because they then would become the lesser skilled players), etc., etc.

Also keep in mind what that would do to the profilability of the game. If players leave the game, it could make the multiplayer lose money for 343, so either they must hike up prizes or create new incentives to buy stuff in the store or perhaps shut the multiplayer down.

In the end everybody would lose with an even lesser SBMM. Only in the short term it might ‘help’ the above average players, but that will soon turn around.

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From some recent, often ‘robust’ discussion, on similar threads… I get the strong impression that this is what a lot of high skilled, anti-SBMM, really want.

Apparently it is how you “chill”.

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I’ve apparently already hit that, as I’ve lost over 70% of all my matches. And that’s not counting my bot matches. I’ve never lost a bot mach, but I’ve only won maybe seven PvP ones. It isn’t fun.

Personally I’ve always preferred forge modes, custom games like fatkid, speed halo, jenga, and non traditional gamemodes like Fiesta, Infection, and Grifball. Guess what I can’t play in Infinite? Guess what even if added, wouldn’t count for challenges?

I just looked at your stats on Halo Infinite Tracker, you have a win-percentage of 56.7%…

Wasn’t like that a few days ago. You know why it went up? Because I stopped playing ranked and quickmatch, and went to bot matches.

That seems correct with what i see, but then don’t say that you were counting the bot-matches. :wink:

But i agree that SBMM is to weak right now.

I corrected myself, my bad. But my point still stands. I’ve already hit that blockade and it completely turned me off to PvP. Now I just have bot matches until they add Forge. Not gonna be a fun 7+ months.

Hell, in previous Halo games, I even loved BtB, but with how my track record is for BtB in Infinite, it turned me off to that as well.

my biggest problem with SBMM is that I usually end up in lobbies where the players are mechanically superior.
I am gettings wins or kills by trying my best for teamwork, but in 1v1 scenario I am losing 80-90% engagements. The difference is usually that last killshot so no Its not like Iam complete noob, but their mechanical skill is simply that one level above.

So if I get a team which is way too solo I am stuck at the bottom of the board because I have little to no chance to compete.

I have no problem with this in Ranked since everyone is trying to win and usually try to play as a team. Its like 1 out of 50 games where I can say that the team didnt group up and didnt work even after I was asking them.

So basically fun fact is that if I play Ranked I am getting more relaxed gameplay lol…

Nah even then you get ur -Yoink!- handed to you because you have to play bad a couple of games to move down in MMR

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This is just a simple no. The thing you’re not understanding is your “sweat” lobbies are way different than other peoples “sweat” lobbies. This game is not going to cater to you. Your “relaxed” “chill” gameplay will be other peoples “sweaty” games. SBMM is important to keep everyone within a range so it’s not too daunting for some to play.,

My worry is with challenges like win 17 matches. I did ok this week and won most matches to get it done quickly, but this will only take longer and longer in the future as skbmm starts to match me against harder teams.

I don’t want to stomp people, just have a good chance at victory

I mainly play solo BTB and was enjoying it the first couple days but the sbmm has been wearing me down mentally. Every game is either neck and neck or a blowout. Blowouts are usually not that fun regardless of winning or losing. Close matches are fun but not when you play 10 of them in a row. I’ve been loving the gameplay but man am I getting tired of having to go hard every game just to break even.