SBMM is drving me away from this game: Socially

I cant enjoy any social experience on this game whatsoever without every game being a sweatfest. I dont want every game to feel like ranked arena.

Therefore, i rarely play this game.


Sorry to hear that.


Totally makes sense to me. I still think ranked should be separate from social when it comes to this new system.


I agree with you, it’s the same for me, lately, my games are extremely difficult, I don’t have the level to face such strong opponents. I just feel like a punching ball in BTB games, where players spawnkill us without playing objective, 20 min waiting to be killed in a loop.


That sounds like a lack of SBMM there, otherwise the teams would be balanced and not just 1 team spawnkilling the other team the entire time.


Damn I’m good at @ fps but this game is really stressing me out. There’s no joy in playing it when you loose 10 matches in row.


Losing 10 times in a row doesn’t bother me, if I have the opportunity to defend myself and play, which is no longer the case with most of my games.

I don’t know what’s going on, but I know that gambling overestimates my skills sometimes.
I love close games, even if I lose, I hate it when a game is just a one-sided fight, because the teams are not balanced


It’s difficult. You are in the top 3% or so of players. People around your level of skill are naturally super-competitive.

To some extent it’s in your hands. Sweat or chill is a state of mind. If you play a bit more relaxed your relevant MMRs will drop and you’ll get easier opponents. But you can’t then decide to “switch on” and rack up killing sprees.

Does that happen very often?

I’m not sure you can count your DNF’s. Seriously. Nearly 1 in 5 matches quit.

Are you playing a lot of the events / new modes?

Everyone’s MMRs will take a few weeks to settle in the new modes. It’s kind of like the very first placement games. Plus it takes a while for some (like me) to get their head around the tactics involved. And, of course, you have those who are only there for the challenges and don’t really give a -yoink-.

I’m finding games pretty close in Ranked (except for the games vs squad sandbaggers) and in the mature social lists. But Land Grab and Rumble Pit are still all over the place.

dang. people seem to be mad that they can’t take advantage of noobs and get 30 + kills each game and farm the noobs. maybe it’s to make you better at the game?


Wins and losses generally don’t matter in social games since in the end, they don’t mean a thing.

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We should stop posting because 343 doesn’t listen at all…


I feel for you man. Halo infinite can feel kinda stressful sometimes

Yes in general youre right but the issue is that many weekly challenges revolve around winning matches which means that winning does matter and sbmm makes that process more sweaty amd stressful

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Imagine how stressed a below average player would be without SBMM. They’d never get that challenge done.

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Balanced teams create more sweat because of all the close games and needing to put an effort to actually play.

Older Halos did a more broad matching when it came to matches so that the two teams were similar in skill overall but not everyone is equal to each other. That’s why older Halos felt more casual and fun rather than having to play against people with similar skill and working for a win.

And to make things worst, Infinite Internal Csr is measured by purely KDA. This means you are just getting matched against players who have same level of Slayer skill as you, and this makes games even more sweaty cos everyone will be playing for kills if you happen to be in the range where you get positive KDA consistently.

When every match is matched based on Slayer, the game gets sweaty and wears down the player, creating burnout. Burnout reduces the pool of players, the reduced pool causes the matchmaking to have to broaden the net…

Result: you get imbalance matches with two 30 kill Youtube Montage makers on one team and a whole bunch of random players on the other. Fun.

My most recent match of BTB Slayer:

I have 17 kills and my entire team averages on 7-8 kills.

The enemy’s entire team averages around 11 kills.

Lost 100 to 60.


Yeah, I’d hate to be a new person with SBMM off. Instead of facing people around my level. I have good chances to play at least one player that can regularly stomp me into the ground.

Doesn’t sound all that fun for new players…

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I’ve seen a few people comment that the matching is softer since the mid-S1 updated.

The older Halos probably had more natural variance as well. Their ranking systems weren’t as accurate. Especially H2. That was fairly primitive.

Is there a reference for KDA? Or are you just talking about K and D non-specifically?

According to it’s discussion paper TrueSkill2 uses Kill and Death rates (modified to the number of players on each team). But we don’t know the actual weighting. It’s probably not much as a Kill Rate of 1.4 is described as what you need for a 50% win/loss. Doubling this to 2.8 only gets you to a 54% win/loss.

And I’ve gone back through my game history to show that combinations of K and D (including KDA) aren’t strong enough to change how much CSR you get for that particular match.

We do know that it’s actually possible to play well enough to actually increase your MMR in a loss. But we don’t know what has to fall into place for that to happen. I imagine it would be a very impressive K/min vs a side ranked well above you while you have a broad MMR curve (ie. early placement).

One of the problems is that you can only broaden to a certain level.

We all have this image in our minds of the lower ranked players running around shooting each other and being ignored by the elite players on the other team. Doesn’t necessarily work like that.

We can see it clearly in the results of current teams. The bigger the gap the more the good players have to work to carry. The more the lower ranked players get smashed and have to go into survival mode.

Going out to 12v12 just increased the variables significantly. This will lead to more mismatches than we used to get with 8v8.

Unbalanced games are often caused by SBMM which gives you bad teammates to balance the game. ( it overestimates your skill and thinks you’re a mlg pro)


Why would it “over estimate” your skill?

Apart from vs Bots. But it sounds like that’s been addressed. I think they had their MMRs reduced in the mid-S1 update.

Everyone’s skill is measured against each other.

It’s funny that you say that, because when i started playing halo 3 socials in 2008 which had very light sbmm, ( halo 3 was the first online game i’ve ever played) sweaty matches were almost non-existent from what i can remember. I had played the halo ce and halo 2 campaign on heroic so i already knew how to play. My first online match ever on halo 3 was a ffa on guardian, i got 12 kills and placed third. Maybe new players should just learn how to play instead of complaining