SBMM in Halo Infinite is horrible

Until 343 realizes that the current iteration of SBMM in Halo Infinite is NOT retaining players, the game will continue to bleed players. I have heard more people say it is the number one reason they won’t play Infinite than any other game.

So on top of NOT retaining players, the SBMM is actively causing players to quit.

Even if they just copy-pasted the SBMM from MCC, the game would be so much better.


Over and above desync, lack of content, and frustration with the delayed Seasons?

More than the cold-hearted dropping of split screen?

Wouldn’t have thought so.

Apart from a handful of posts by the usual suspects it’s probably more frustration with the poor population, long waits, higher pings, wider ranks, etc.

Nobody I’ve spoken to outside of Waypoint has ever even mentioned it.

And regardless of what else happens I would much rather a fun game where I at least had a chance then to spend ages waiting to get a game to just become some streamer’s plaything for 15 minutes.

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Do you even play MCC?

The matchmaking is so much better.