SBBM removed after patch?

Now I understand it was not actually removed but within the past week when I play anything other than ranked my teammates are horrible. Now keep in mind I am not the best or this is not a topic for a pat on the back so get past those remarks please.

I had a game where I had 46 kills and my teammates had 6 kills. I just feel like something has changed since mid season update. Did I miss something?

I’m getting something similar. Since the mid season patch my kdr in social isn’t far off 4…. Regularly getting matched with people who have less than 20 games played, and I’m a borderline Onyx player. My kdr was always above 2 in social, but it has hiked up in the last couple of weeks and rising rapidly. Never seen so many default grey Spartans in my life

So just matched with a guy who said he believes it is advanced AI they added. He said if its all grey armor and their emblem is a number 1 it is AI. He said if you go look at halotracker they will only show 1 game played then it will disappear later.

Something isn’t right. After they reset the ranks, I waited a day to play ranked (Solo KBM). Halo tracker says I only played two games each on the 23rd, 25th and 26th but it looks like it’s not counting the games that I crashed in? I’m pretty sure it counted crashed games before but looks like those crashed games still affected my rank placement. On the 23rd and 25th, I received a 30 min ban for “quitting early”. On the 26th I think I only crashed one game, which isn’t shown on Halo tracker. On the 27th I crashed twice, played six games total but only 4 of them show up. Also noticed while I was still unranked on the 27th, I was getting matched against some D6 and Onyx players while I had unranked and Plats on my team, even bronze. After my 10th game I was ranked Plat 2. Before the rank reset, after the unranked games I was ranked D1.