Saying Halo plays like COD is getting old

Why do people always say the newest Halo plays like COD? I’ve heard this forever with Halo 4. Admittedly there’s some similarities such as loadouts and kill streaks. But it’s still Halo. You get shields, a motion tracker, headshot vs auto weapons, weapon pickups on the map, and vehicles. I’ll give people this one because loadouts are an obvious recognizable trait even though I think 4 is still Halo underneath.

Then we have 5. Advanced mobility and ADS. Literally the only COD thing about it is ADS. Even if you don’t like advanced mobility, how is that a COD trait?

Now we have Infinite. And I’ve heard some people say it plays like COD. How so? No loadouts and no ADS. Infinite is basically a combination of 3’s equipment with Reach Armor Abilities plus sprint and clamber. And Sprint is basically optional making it the least intrusive form of Sprint I’ve seen since its inception in Reach. My theory is that people have been claiming Halo is COD ever since the weapons were designed to sound more realistic and have that more meaty punch sound, starting in Reach-4


Hah! You bring up interesting points. I bet it has to do with Halo veterans not appreciating the changes that come with the new games. We can all see that 343 have pursued the popular trends, but that makes sense from a marketing standpoint. Otherwise, people would be saying “Get with the times!”
I get it though. Following current trends can run the risk of the game losing its individuality, and that this can come off as threatening to players who have been here since Day One.
Not every parent wants to see their kid grow up.

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I HATE when any FPS is referenced to COD. But, I assume, since COD releases its, now, horrible game annually, it’s the most familiar to the gamer community. I think it shows poor characteristic saying Halo and COD are on the same page, and you probably won’t get that kind of negativity from the older generation.

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It’s worth mentioning that many of the people saying stuff like that probably are less familiar with Halo or are straight up new. We should keep it in mind that since Infinite is free, a LOT of people are going to flock that don’t play Halo. Namely Battle Royale players. And one of the biggest Battle Royale shooters is COD Warzone. I’m sure that they see sprint and certain small mechanics and automatically associate it with the games they are already familiar with. It’s human nature to compare. That’s just my two cents. I agree it’s getting old, but also, I’m just glad that people are playing and talking about Halo again the way they used to when I was a kid. That includes the ‘annoying’ parts.


I’ve always hated when people say that, and they have been saying it for so many games. I’ve heard it since reach but probably started before then idk

I think over time it has gradually taken on the standards of what CoD have set as far as control scheme goes and the pace of the game, especially with sprinting becoming a normal. Apart from that though Halo is still Halo. I believe that is what most people mean. I know that’s what I mean if I ever say that to anyone.

I would view the Halo and Call of Duty franchise to fundamentally be very similar in many regards and that many of the similarities are inevitable due to the games being so similar. Both Call of Duty and Halo games are First Person Shooters with similar design in terms of controls and weapon/grenade mechanics.

There do also exist clear similarities to Halo and many other FPS franchises like for instance Battlefield and it should also not be completely unexpected that the game developers will draw inspiration from some external products like other games or other forms of media.