Say what you will... but this game is bad.

Halo 4 has almost reached the failure level of Reach. The vast majority of the threads on the forums are complaint threads (and valid ones at that). 343 is NOT capable of carrying on the Halo legacy and it saddens me to say it but it’s dead.

I understand the game has to evolve in some way but it’s been taken too far. 343 has consolidated the already sh*tty playlists and refuse to even ADDRESS the community about ANY of the issues this forum is flooded with! The player count has drastically decreased and I’ll tell you why.

343i made Halo 4 in an attempt to cater to the casual gamers, i.e., the majority of the COD (and now Gears) demographic, with little regards to the competitive community. I have no idea why, because as is shown in the population, most casual gamers do not stick to one game, and if they do it’s not going to be Halo… It’s going to be COD.

By basing the multiplayer on the casual side of things, Halo 4 had plenty of players for the first few days. Problem is, once a new game comes out (black ops II), the casuals ditch. This leaves the competitive community and the die-hards. The competitive players are leaving Halo because it’s catered to casuals and is completely and utterly unbalanced and impossible to do well solely on skill, which is the foundation upon which Halo multiplayer was built and how it has thrived.

The die-hards remain with a few casuals and a few competitive players left, and already the population is almost as low as Reach’s 2 years after launch. It’s been out for a little over a week.

It is beyond me how issues like the DMR’s power, NUMEROUS glitches such as the broken killcams/wall glitches/super nades/latency issues, not to mention the instant respawn which totally ruins the pace of the game.

I was biased by my love for Halo the first few days, I’ve been a fan since Halo 2. It saddens me to ACTUALLY realize that there will never be another game as good as Halo 2 and 3 but it’s the truth. You are entitled to disagree with me, and if you do I’m happy for you. I will continue to play it, but it’s not Halo, and until they release some sort of title update to fix a lot of the broken aspects, black ops II will remain the BETTER game. Not the game with the higher population, the better game.