say No to Randoms!!

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Hello my name is MAIGc8888888088, and I am a proud member of the Say No to Randoms clan in the Halo society. What we offer is a chance to play with fun dedicated players instead of players who just want to kill you for your sniper rifle.

We enjoy all sorts of matchmaking and custom games. I am certian that you can find someone here who wants to play that firefight mission with you. Or find that person daring enough to take on a LASO Challenge.

We are a friendly and a supportive community but we also contain structure. So below here is a list of our ranks;

  1. Member
  2. Sergeant
  3. The Master
  4. The Wolf Pack Leader
  5. Forerunner
    Ranks in this group do not determine skill, However it determine how active you are in the group.

Contact me for more details for I hope to see some new faces. If you have any comments questions or concerns feel free to ask. As always have a pleasant day.
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