Say goodbye ugly moon!

And hello to my new Eclipse Rank.

God I hate that moon, it looks so stupid!

What rank do you hate the most?

Probably warrent officer, those were ugly, that or major.

Reach ranks have no effect on me.

I don’t like the look of the Field Marshall rank, close to Hero though. Oh Warrant Officer was awful. The rank didn’t look very good but the progression from Grade 3 to Captain took ages…


I think the Basic Colonel rank looks dumb, and kids cant say it right either. Double Whammy.

Funny! I don’t care about credits or rank, but lately I have been really annoyed looking at that moon next to my name. I definitely think it is the most boring looking rank…in a few days I should be past it as well. :slight_smile:

Eclipse looks like a -Yoink!-.

Just hit Forerunner about a week ago. Already earned 500k in just playing an hour-2 per day. I love how much it ranks you up when you get up to the higher levels.

I also didn’t mind the moon… I really want to get to Inheritor now.

Warrant Officer, because it took way too long to get through.

Don’t like Mythic/Noble either. I’m only a Hero, so I’m going to be seeing them a lot lol. -__-

> <mark>Don’t like Mythic/Noble either</mark>. I’m only a Hero, so I’m going to be seeing them a lot lol. -__-

Same here.

I don’t like Noble because of its name, because it makes me think of Noble team. I didn’t mind any ranks of warrant officer, captain, major. The ranks I did not like were Colonel 3 and general simply because they took forever to get through. Now I don’t care since I need so many credits between ranks I don’t pay attention to it.

2,500,000 Credits to rank up once from here.

Ugh, don’t get me started on Warrant Officer.

Warrant Officer, because it takes forever.

Brigadier, because I don’t like the way it looks. A star with wings? Really?