Say...anyone know what this is?

in the second Red v Blue video "save the date"the sarge or what ever the red leader’s name is has some giant piece of armor jutting out his back

i was expecting to see a few topics about this already, but there are none to my surprise…is this just a jetpack or something in the background im just not looking at right, or is it a possible new AA?

tell me what you think!

Most likely a Jet pack attachment. good eye though.

Seen it aswell not a clue what it is.
But I’m sure 343 let it in there to be seen so someone will figure it out

It looks pretty dumb…aesthetically anyway.

thats the jump jet pack

> It looks pretty dumb…aesthetically anyway.

i agree, im just curious to see if it is purely aesthetic or not. Either way it definitely leads one to think customization will be pretty in depth if you can add attachments to your jetpack