SAW vs Turret

So…which gun do you think looks stronger.

Minigun > LMG

Depends on the situation.

The SAW seems to be in the middle of the Turret and Assault Rifle so I’m going to assume that the turret is stronger. Although, as the person mentioned above me, it probably depends on the situation.

Saw looks like a beast! At close range it’ll move down enemies like Jason on vitamins!
However, at anything but close range the bullet spread will make it quite bad, while the turret still is quite good at mid range.
Hence, cqc = saw, mid = turret :slight_smile:

the SAW seems to be in the middle of the AR and Turret, making the Turret better. however, the SAW has more mobility, so closer up, the Turret can’t turn fast enough.

Keep in mind that they only showed the last shot before the kill, so it might be pretty weak only shown to look amazing …Either that or every UNSC weapon is a 1 shot kill.

Combine the two with guarding a base. No ones gonna get past you thats for damn sure.

Hey either way, between the two of them I shall be support gunner ALL the time. Assist level: Legendary.

Well the turret is obviously going to be stronger, but it slows you down, unless you’re your’e Jorge. I always used the turrets as an LMG anyways. I’m gonna love using the SAW though.