Saw this tweet on twitter?

This random kid on twitter tweeted bs angel he said spectator mode 60 frames enhanced theater more competitive maps balanced weapon system no armor abilitys no loadouts he said all the typical halo things bs Angel replied with duely noted wow i cant believe she said that! amazing thank you 343 for listening to the community you guys have improved this game so much since launch and with the new map pack you guys are making it even better <mark>keep it up on halo 5 do us all favor and return halo back to its roots!</mark>

That doesn’t really mean anything. Just because she said that doesn’t mean they’re actually going to do anything. They do actually look at the Forums and get feedback from them. We’ll just have to see how it turns out.

It’s kinda her job to at least acknowledge the consumer/public/community since she’s payed to do just about that… I would not freak over that since either way she won’t be making the decision.

At first it seemed like you were going somewhere else… That said, I think BS Angel was slightly sarcastic in that fans can’t just expect to make a huge list and have the devs see it… It’s presumptuous and uncool to be honest. But again, each of the things he said has likely had a thread of its own if not hundreds of them and 343i ARE listening. As you said, Halo 4 has improved amazingly since launch and it’s still improving (with the Champion pack). I think 343i are aware of their mistakes and have managed to expertly separate pointless fan rant from actual constructive criticism.

The only thing they seem to be keen on not doing is some form of stripped down playlist (with no Loadouts and weapons on the map), but all that may change with Legendary Slayet which is supposed to be a mix between Throwdown and normal Halo 4 (which is hopefully something similar to Halo Reach’s Anniversery playlists).

In reply to the above comment, IMO, I can live without the classic playlists… I mean if they’re there, then awesome. If they aren’t that would not bother me, as I no longer find the classic Halo style(i.e. no sprint, grenade p/up, and the player speed) appealing. I don’t really know why, but it may have to do with the fact that I’ve been playing new school Halo for such a long while now.

All she did was note it. She doesn’t have to do anything about it and this is the place to get your voice heard for Halo, not tweeting 343 members.

I remember when bs angel came into the custom games thread and said something along those lines.

Man, that was so long ago…