Saving Reach: MCC Fatal Error on Reach

So Reach Fatal Error crashing. Where to start. It has been present since November 2021, it IS fixed is CE. What is causing this? PEOPLE CRASHING THEIR GAMES ON PUROPSE. How does one know? Compare. CE VS Reach, both games have just as much rage quitters, comparing scenarios (all this matchmaking btw) , its when the tables are turning, or early on when noobs are trying to figure stuff out (i.e game sales). The rate of crash, and error, DIRECTLY relates to RAGE CRASH QUITTING. All the team (or anyone, I do not have the time) HAS to do is figure out WHICH METHOD OF CLIENT CRASH IS CRASHING THE GAME. Me, I think its Xbox, Cross play regardless still has bugs, would not surprise But yeah, anyone thats reading this that loves Reach, please help spread this to the top. Tickets, Tweets, etc, No results, No Response. All bots, No joke, When explaining this to WHOEVER is behind the Support Tickets, typical responses. Non Human. Lets fix Reach. Spread the word. SICK OF THE GAME GETTING GOOD THEN PEOPLE KILL IT FOR REAL. #SaveReach

Have you tried troubleshooting? I’ve almost never had a fatal error crash in Reach so maybe there’s something you can do.

  • You’re on PC, right? Are you on Steam or Windows Store? (Gamepass gives you the Windows Store version.)
  • In what type of mode does it crash? Campaign? If so, is it a specific level or many? Multiplayer? If so, is it matchmaking or the Custom Game Browser or firefight?
  • When does it crash? When the map starts loading but before you start? A few minutes after playing? On the main menu?

Here are my suggestions:

  • Verify your game files if you’re on Steam.
  • If you’re going to uninstall and re-install then make sure to save your custom gametypes and forge files. Make sure not to edit them in Notepad and don’t mix up which game they are for because doing either could crash the game at the main menu. Renaming the files is fine. You can view what they are by opening the .bin and .mvar files in Notepad, turning on Word Wrap, and looking near the top. They can be found here:
  • Change your graphical settings. They can be set per-game. Do the following for Reach:
  1. Lock your FPS to 60. Don’t use Unlimited. I don’t know how relevant this still is but FPS above 60 used to make the game unstable.
  2. Don’t use a screen resolution above 1080p. This, again, is just a general precaution.
  3. Use the toggle to distable the new skins. I’m serious. Keep this on.
  4. Turn every graphical setting down to the lowest option.
  5. If these steps fix your problem then change them back one at a time to see which one caused the problem.
  • What OS are you running? Which version of that OS are you running? I don’t mean which edition (ex: Windows 10 Pro), I mean which update version (ex: 1909).
  • Try updating your drivers.
  • Did this always happen or were you able to play Reach games without this error in the past?

It’s also on Xbox since the weird helmet update. It crashes mid game on several occasions every night. It really ruins the fun. It’s all about the new armor and it seems like they don’t want fix it, since people made tickets, tweets and threads about this problem.


Did all that Nov 2021 and Dec. I do not play Camp etc, only Multiplayer period, mostly MatchMaking. I play on PC Steam, have the MS store version too, but as the other guy has stated too, this is not just me or just PC, or Which version of Windows etc. Reach MOSTLY crashes WHEN SOMEONE CRASHES THEIR GAME, have witnessed one scenario where only 1 person got the error, but the rest were un affected, but she was from AUS connection to a US server, so it was probably a connection drop. Regardless of that last sentence.
Everything is up to date etc etc. I know what I’m doing. Game is running on Original Settings with MINOR tweaks for performance not Enhancements.
The Fatal Error was ONLY Rampant in CE prior to the Nov 2021 Update, it got fixed big time, it no longer exists, people indeed quit the rate on CE, and definably some have crashed their client I’m sure. Now the problem has MOVED to Reach, its the exact same problem from CE. People Crashing Their Client to Quit the game, the method of crash is all that NEEDS to be known to find the problem, CE’s Notes cannot be far off from finding the cause in Reach regardless of age. With MCC being on sale, and Noobs vs Skills, this is what is going to happen. The noobs that are getting beat will Crash Quit, and the other noobs that are playing the game for the first time will continue to get discouraged from playing further thinking THE WHOLE GAME not just Reach, is going to fatal error, AND getting False Banned if playing Teams. I’ve subbed 10 tickets now in the span of Nov - Now, not 1 human has responded, not 1 read right. If they we’re I would not be here, Its fixed in CE, it REALLY cannot be hard to find the relation of why the game is crashing, when people are crashing the game. I have no other time then night to play, caring for my love with epilepsy. Playing 3 all the time cause Reach is broken is not fun, and get boring quick. just need some communication here, @HaloSupport what ever. No one listens. I’m sick of it.

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I keep having these same crashes too. They happen completely at random in firefight and multiplayer matchmaking. During your crashes, does it make a grating sound for about a second before closing out the app? That’s what happens to me.

The only advice I can offer you is to toggle off the new useless armor settings and to also not use any of it yourself. Even I, who have not wasted my time getting any of the useless armor, still experience at least one crash a day. 343 needs to disable all of the armor/visor/voice variants so we can actually enjoy playing the game without fear of it crashing randomly for no reason.

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I’m fairly certain it has to do with the alterations made to the scripting of gender settings and the legacy visuals toggle. The restored legacy DLC armor released in season 5 (akis, mariner, exo) had no issues when it first launched aside from the single broken seasonal unlock “because you begged” and the knife on the exo chest not being properly attached to the chest, both issues directly caused by the scripting.

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Just tossing my hat in there with this frustration. Reach has been fine on campaign mode running 4K at all high options until the latest update. Fatal error on every attempt to resume game progress. Switched to windowed mode, 1080 resolution, and low graphics settings, with and without anti-cheat, no dice.

Would love to be able to wrap this game up.

same issue with latest update, crash after 1.5 sec in single player mission