Saving Maps in Forge World

First of all let me say I am a BIG fan of the Forge, but I have a question. I have had this happen several times were I make maps and save them to my hard drive, only to find that every time I go over 15 maps in Forge World that I lose one or two. By losing them I mean I try to load map 14 and as it goes to the start screen, it now shows map 10. No matter what I do map 14 is now a duplicate of map 10. I have been able to recover some out of file share, but this is rather annoying. Is there a fix for this and I hope this isn’t a problem in Halo 4.

How did you recover some of the maps? I am having the same exact issue

Please don’t revive old topics. If you’re experiencing an issue, please create a new, detailed thread outlining your issues.