Saving Allies should reward players

Saving allies throughout the campaign should reward players with reinforcements at a “Final Battle” in the campaign. Here’s how it could work:

Each Marine that spawns in a specific area is in a Reinforcement Group, the minimum number of a Marines in a Group is 1. Every Group you save is added to an invisible Reinforcement Counter but if you fail to save a Group it isn’t added. Once you hit a point in the campaign as either your last battle with Marines or a Final battle, Marines you saved will spawn throughout the level. Where Groups spawn may vary but it will flow with map and gameplay. If a Marine spawns with a Vehicle as driver then he will spawn with a Group with few Marines.

I will use Halo CE as an example

You manage to save some Marines in Pillar of Autumn. The Reinforcement counter is as follows:

3 Reinforcement Groups ( 2 Groups Dead )
Group 1: 4 Marines (1 Dead)
Group 2: 1 Marine (5 Dead)
Group 3: 7 Marines

When you get to Assualt on the Control Room, the last actual level where you fight with Marines. The Reinforcement Group Counter will spawn the Groups along the level. Whether it be fighting in a room, near the Control Center, or with you when you first arrive. It’ll typically be in tough areas or just small areas depending on Group size. Example:

Group 1: Spawns with you in Pelican, will be the only ones that follow you to the end of level, regardless of numbers. They are the first to occupy your vehicle but may get left behind if you use a vehicle without them and leave the area.
Group 2: Groups with 1-3 Marines typically spawns with a scripted Marine spawn. As they are too small to help much.
Group 3: due to high number of Marines, it will spawn in a mini-boss area such as a Hunter fight.

Another example:

Cairo Station:
Group 1: 6 Marines
Group 2: 2 Marines
Group 3: 14 Marines

Delta Halo/Regret:
Group 1 spawns farther down where you landed. They will attempt to secure the building that controls the bridge
Group 2 occupies the Scorpion passenger seats when it’s dropped off
Group 3 only spawns 12 Marines becuase the map limit would be 20, the 12 Marines would be divided one group of 7 and one group of 5. Both are dropped off as extra reinforcements via pelicans.
Basically saving Allies will help you out in the long run and give some achievements such as:

Guardian Angel: Saved all the Marines

Suggestions welcomed. Had to cut this short since I’m at work.

I agree.
I mean, other than two achievements in Halo 4, why should we care about saving Marines? Sure, they provide a little extra firepower,and are excellent human shields, but you aren’t really rewarded for keeping them alive. And, if you think can be the driver or gunner to a two-seater vehicle, their purpose is defeated in a co-op campaign mission.

A small example from CE:
On ‘Truth and Reconciliation’, once you go up the gravity lift, you will be faced by a group of Sword Elites using Active Camo. If you manage to clear out the wave without losing a Marine, you will be next pitted against two Jackals.
If, however, a fellow companion is claimed by the enemy, the Jackals are replaced by a duo of Hunters.

As for your Reinforcement Counter idea, some levels may have Marines but not a final battle with them (or one big enough to be considered one, you don’t need an army of 20-some men to take on four Elites and a few scattered Grunts).

I could see this working, but it would of course have to have a maximum limit.

Depending on the difficulty you save them on, their intelligence and/or weaponry is boosted.

  • Marines saved on Easy should probably count as only half, or even a quarter of a Marine towards the counter. Bad intelligence, accuracy, and very standard sidearm weaponry.
    -Normal Marines are like the Marines in-game, UNSC arsenal, Ars, DMRs, BRs, and a grenade lob and Shotgun here and there.
    -Marines saved on Heroic will have a bit smarter intelligence, better accuracy, and will lunch grenades with a good arm. Arsenal will sometimes throw in a Railgun or Spartan Laser into the mix.
    -Marines reused on Legendary will receive incredibly smart awareness and intelligence, and an arsenal of power weapons. Launchers, SAWs, Snipers, you name it. Deadly accuracy too. If they were any better, they would be a Spartan…

Wow this all sounds cool. I hope the marines will actually be good in Halo 5.

The reward for saving friendly AIs ought to be that you have friendly AIs. The problem is that there is no reason to save them anyway because they are so ineffective and weak. What good does it do to save all of these AIs to have them join you later on if they’re useless anyway?

It would be cool to have marines serve a better purpose besides cannon fodder and ammo mules.

Yes. Just… yes. All of the yes.

> The reward for saving friendly AIs ought to be that you have friendly AIs. The problem is that there is no reason to save them anyway because they are so ineffective and weak. What good does it do to save all of these AIs to have them join you later on if they’re useless anyway?

Well the problem with it is that making them too powerful, you may end up with the game progressing by itself and leaving the player doing less. But I do agree that allies should be more powerful, and smarter.

There should also be rewards for saving marines.

I mainly think that further down the campaign, different things could happen depending on how many and at what time you’ve saved a squad of marines. For instance, saving a handful of marines in an enemy base could yield you with an easier mission down the line, or alternative routes that aren’t open. As we could say that once you get separated from the marines, they find their own path and end up somewhere that allows them to controll doors and whatnot making it easier for you. Not saving them could then instead make it a lot harder.

Optional side quests that make it easier/harder for you.

I love this idea.
Throughout all the games human AI have been little more than distractions and I’d love to see them doing better in general and also having more of them around.
And I feel rushing through the final level with 40 marines behind you shredding whatever is coming toward you would be insane.
Maybe make it that each squad you save could give you a different weapon or vehicle in the final battle as well, giving you more options.

Saving all the troops throughout the campaign would DEFINITELY be worth it if you could fly into battle on a Hawk or a Vulture wielding a Rocket Launcher and a SAW, with Gauss Hogs and Railgun troops below you. But that would be overkill in the extreme. Then again I’d love to see the full force of humanity brought to bear on some unfortunate planet now that they’re slowly becoming the alpha predators of the galaxy.