There is a large group of us who are going to ruin H5 for a tone of people. If 343 is going to ignore HMCC then this is the only way to get revenge.
• Shoot teammates until shields are gone
• Destroy vehicles constantly
• Return enemy flag back to there base
• waste power weapons
• Teammate get OS shoot them until gone
• Don’t arm bomb/Betray befor arming
• Leaving negative feed back on all players
• Follow teammates around and shoot them so the enemy gets easy kill
• Play loud annoying sound into mic all game
• we’ve already denied 100s of people the right to reserve H5 at GameStop/ convincing them not to buy it
• Also many more that WE can’t say
Fan boys please respond with your incoherent rambling. 343 pigs get fat

Go ahead you will just all receive bans and end up matched against each other only running your own experience in the end lol. So please be my guest :wink: