Save Halo Stat tracker site

I know most people like to jump into people post and complain but I am begging you please ppost your negative comments about 343 somewhere else. I am hoping and praying that maybe if the casual gaming community of Halo come together, we can get one thing that was left out of Halo Infinite that is more important than most of these other Quality of life fix.

Our service record is more than just bragging on how much we have played it is progression and it gives us reason to keep playing the game this is for players who do not want to buy the battle pass and players who complete the battle pass early and their weekly challenges earlier.

Right now if you go to www dot halo dot info you can view your Spartan record, you can see all of the medals you have achieved your Spartan rank and what tour you are on. I know some people might complain that they would rather have the Reach ranks or the Halo 5 ones but this is simple and honestly all we have.

So please do not jump on saying how much you dislike 343 or how they will never listen save that for another post maybe if we can get 1,000 people replying to this post supporting the Halo stat tracking site we can take it to Microsoft and Phil Spencer to not only save the website but to add it into the game itself.

With the state of Halo we truly need to make this happen but also we know 343 will never read my post or other casual gamers only if you are a pro player or youtuber I am also considering starting a petition on the petition dot org page if I can get enough people to not only support me hear but be willing to spread the word.

We have until July 31st so please lets help save mine and I am sure others favorite shooter.


I’m not a huge stat buff, so this news was not all that heart breaking for me. But it is a bummer and I’ll stand behind anyone making an effort to keep this part of Halo alive.


It’s not about Stat buff it is about progression, those points you earned at the end of the game means nothing unless you go to Halo Stat tracker to see your actual Spartan progression. I remember getting my first Quigley, in all honesty i blew the medal off thinking that is one I would never achieve, I screamed so loud LETS GO! and jumped off and went to Halo STAT Tracker just to view that accomplishment I thought I would never get. Playing land grab I got a monopoly I as like whaaat?

I like knowing I played so much when this game came out I completed my first tour and on my second tour next rank Staff Sergent.

The site will still be available just not the medal tracker. The halo api Twitter even said 343 has done everything to help them but cant support it because of Microsoft’s privacy policy so it doesn’t matter who sees this its not being saved