Save file not loading - corrupted save file

Havent seen it officially announced as a bug by 343. The ticket I opened up was responded with did you beat the first mission and then no response since. That was over a day ago

I’m sorry to say but you completely lost all your progress (which sucks because HoR is like close to end game I’m pretty sure

Having the identical problem, I’m on the House of Reckoning and when the countdown ends the nothing happens. I’m on a I5 9600k RTX 2060 16 GB RAM.

This is an absolute joke, 343 finally makes a game with good gameplay and its RIDDLED with technical problems. Typical Microsoft. And yes they should absolutely be shamed, and criticized for this, 6 years in the making and there is already so much missing at launch. I’m so sick of people making excuses for the mediocrity of these AAA companies when they drop the ball like this. They need to be held accountable, the bottom line is there is a basic expectation of functionality (like being able to load a saved campaign) that if it isn’t met the company should be held accountable. If I tell my boss I’m going to do something and fail to do it, I’m held accountable, 343 and Microsoft must be as well


So to anyone experiencing the corrupt save file or no load after countdown on gampass pc, I have found the save file location for gamepass that you should back up to USB frequently until this issue is patched.

Windows(C: )>Users>Username> AppData>Local>Packages>Microsoft.254xxxxxxCFE2_8wekyb3d8bbwe >SystemAppData>wgs>string of numbers ending with multiple zeros, this is the file you want to back up. again I’m not sure if it’s the same on everyone’s pc so check last modified date and choose what corresponds with your last play session.

(For the Microsoft.254 folder I have x’d out 6 numbers as I’m not sure if it is the same for everyone’s pc and possibly sensitive to my machine so check for a file that appears similar and the last modified date which corresponds closely with your last play session)

I’ve tested and cloud won’t try to sync old corrupted save if you paste old good save into the wgs folder.

Disclaimer; This is what worked for me, it may not for you. I am not sure how doing this affects mutiplayer progress, if at all, I just don’t know. All I’ve tested is for mitigating the loss of total progress should your save become corrupted in the campaign, so please be aware of this before USING THE ABOVE THE ADVICE ABOVE. AND USE AT YOUR OWN RISK.

I hope this can at least help a few of you from losing hours of gameplay and work.




Does this work even if the save is already corrupted?
Also, i have multiple folders with numbers and letters, which one it might be?

No, if the file is already corrupt this likely will not work. Although you could try moving the corrupted save folder out of the wgs folder (once you find it) to a safe location to force xbox cloud to redownload your cloud save when you go to restart halo campaign its possible it could fix the issue but not guaranteed.

(I have edited my previous post to hopefully make it easier to find the correct microsoft folder.)

As the save files aren’t clearly labeled Halo, (which is why it was so hard to find the correct folder), I had to look at the (date modified) just click it and it will show most recent file modified in decending order and choose the date and time that was closest to when you last played (eg; I stopped playing say at 9:45 pm on December 9th), so I moved the folder that said date modified 2021-12-09 9:45pm, but yours could be off by a few hours or a day depending, And lo and behold that was the save file, which forced an xcloud sync. And when I would delete it completely and back it up with my USB it would start me right were I was in the campaign no lost data, and xcloud wouldn’t try to sync the old corrupt save. Just be sure the file you are moving is in the wgs folder first, and don’t permanently delete anything if you are not 100% sure, always move to a safe folder first incase you need to put it back later.

I wish this wasn’t so convoluted and easier to explain but not having saves clearly labeled for the games they are for, unnecessarily complicates things.

Disclaimer; This is what worked for me, it may not for you. I am not sure how doing this affects mutiplayer progress, if at all, I just don’t know. All I’ve tested is for mitigating the loss of total progress should your save become corrupted in the campaign, so please be aware of this before USING THE ADVICE ABOVE. AND USE AT YOUR OWN RISK.

Same here, this is unbelievable that they have stayed silent on this issue. At first I thought I was running into a rare issue, because of the lack of acknowledgement on their behalf, but obviously… ANYWAY I made the mistake of starting a campaign three times trying different fixes to no avail.

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Wonder if the pirates are having the same issue :thinking:

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found the file you were talking about and hoping this works for myself. just cleared everything (all side missions) prior to the tower and fast traveled to a fob and clicked end game. made a copy of the giant folder with all the zeros at the end

On a side note i noticed it wouldnt let me recollect any audio logs i already collected in prior runs of the first level… is it possible audio logs are actually an unlock attached to your gamertag this whole time?

Awesome, I hope you have success! Let me know if it also works for you.

As for the audio logs, I’m not 100% sure, it’s possible they are tied to the Microsoft account as you mentioned. Hopefully we’ll know for sure soon.

Just wanted to chime in and say I have the exact same problem, but on the Pelican Down mission. Extremely frustrating.

Did you try taking the cartridge out and blowing on it?


Also just wanna update ya’ll with the laughable response I was given for this outrageous issue,

"Hi Fredocron,

Thank you for your ticket. At this time, we don’t have a workaround and can’t predict when there might be a resolution, but your issue has been logged with our developers. They will use the information you provided during their investigation.

If this issue is resolved in an update, we will notify you. If not, your ticket may remain in an open state until a game update. We will check in with you whenever a game update is released to ensure that your issue is still occurring.

If our developers have a question for you or we discover a workaround, we may reach back out to you with questions or steps for you to try. If you discover a workaround yourself, please feel free to send it back to us! We can share that information with other players encountering the same issue and with our developers for further investigation. "

Seriously, imagine working on something for six years and having an absolute catastrophic failure of it, and when people see the issue you just shrug your shoulders at them. This company is an absolute joke, its like absolutely no QA testing was done at any stage of the game


This issue is infuriating and absolutely gamebreaking, I have no intent to continue playing now. Fix this. Shameful company…


I’ve ran into the same issue. Submitted a ticket. Cant find the Local file data to even attempt a back up.

Was in campaign, about to get into the Forerunner Structure, finally got enough Valor for a Scorpion…fast traveled to the nearest FOB. Quit to look at some Armor Coatings I got…went to reload into my save and it acted like I never captured the FOB. Was immediately killed by the two cloaked elites that were originally guarding it, and got stuck in a death loop/ perpetual and bugged death cam. Same story, says only 10mins played, try to reload last save, doesnt load.

Very upsetting and very game breaking. At this point it is a very common theme for AAA games to be released unfinished or with issues that ruin the experience altogether. I have sworn off BF2042 because of that, and have enjoyed Infinite until this point.

On top of that, it is pretty wild to see the responses people have been getting from submitting a ticket. This isnt an isolated incident. This is affecting a large enough group of consumers and is taking away the entire paid experience. Rectify this. 343 claims to have made a game, but as far as I’m concerned, the $60 spent is akin to the money people spent and wasted on Cyberpunk.


I have the same issue. 14 hours and 45 mins in my heroic campaign, I get on thinking this has been great and haven’t had any issues. Load into the campaign at a FOB I already liberated in my last play session. I immediately get killed by elites and get stuck in a endless death loop. I think well that’s weird and doesn’t make sense so I back out to the main menu and try to reload into the campaign to see if that somehow fixes the issue. The countdown goes down to 0 and then nothing happens. I can’t even load the campaign at all now. 343 this is a serious issue that needs to be resolved. If I can’t get back those 15 hours I lost I will be furious.


This is pretty much exactly what happened to me. Except I beat the FOB you were at with the two elites last night. When I tried to load into my game the death loop/perpetual bugged death cam occurred for me too… very sad. Also it now says I have 11 minutes played. :sleepy:

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so, let me get this straight, so you had a problem with an app while playing. rather than closing the problem and just resuming your game you went to fix it, <_< ok. understandable now when you were doing that, did you happen to die? and get a checkpoint at the death? or is it everytime you now load the game, (even new game) MC will just die, and have an out body experience,???

im trying to figure out how id replicate it, or if its hardware related.

It seems as if a lot of players, including myself, are getting corrupted save files rendering them unable to load back into their campaign save after the random death loop.

Same thing here… god this is frustrating!

Same thing happened to me, I selected continue and the game loaded into a crazy camera bug, when i tried to restart i found that the save seems to be corrupted because nothing happens after the countdown.

I deleted the local save file, but even after syncing with the cloud the problem persists.

Oh well, this is the present of videogame industry after all and a lot of games are a beta when they launch, long gone are the days when a videogame had to be rock solid before being released to the public, maybe a side effect of not being able to fix anything after launch date.

Sadly for me it means no more halo campaign until devs manage to fix the bug or someone find a workaround.

Some PC info:
Windows 11, Ryzen 5 3600x, RTX 2060, game is the Xbox Game Pass version and is running from an SSD.

if any additional info is needed to help and track the problem, just ask i will be glad to assist.