Save file not loading - corrupted save file

Can confirm Steam versions DO have this issues, second to last mission my game crashed during a cutscene, refuses to load up save file. Slightly upset and scared to get all the way there again and have my second playthrough corrupted as well


I Found the reason(In fact, not me)
I saw a youtube explains why savefiles are broken. Plugging and unplugging controller in PC cause this glitch. When xbox account log-in window appears, don’t click let’s Go and just close that window. I’ll try this with my third savefile…


the youtube video title is The Cause of the Halo Infinite Save File Corruption Bug


It’s working! when re-plug controller, DON"T CLICK LET"S GO BUTTON AND CLOSE WINDOW
I tested and when I clicked LET"S GO button, it changed to 3-person and chief is trapped in deathloop but when i closed the log-in window, my savefile works very well


Whayt happens in the video is exactly what happend to me. I just clicked lets go unknowingly.

Thanks for this man.

I guess there’s still no solution to fix it if it already corrupted your savegame, right?

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Same issue all my progress lost :sob:

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I’ve got the same issue on XSX… loaded up in third person with no character model, exited the game and tried re-opening it, I’m now left with the same issue of it not loading up.


Hi Spartans,

I’ve got exactly the same issue and the youtube video " The Cause of the Halo Infinite Save File Corruption Bug" doesn’t fix my issue… I lost 1D and 7H of Campaign with all the spartan armor upgrads and a lot of others achievments. What is strange is that I still have all my success, that’s a proof of my campaigns but can’t continue…
Damn I’m crying rignt now !

SPEC : W11 / Game Pass / Xbox Controller

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unlocks are tied to your account so multiple save files will all have your audio logs etc unlocked

if your file is corrupted you are already screwed… it overwrites your file save with a buggy file

Seriously fk this st man this was my favourite halo campaign since reach and now I have lost all my progress. I don’t want to be rude to 343 but f*k the programmers that made this save system and most likely didn’t check for issues if this is one. I know they are only human and can’t pull a solution out of their assholes right now but they should let us know that they are looking for a solution for this and fix it asap.

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i am in same boat. 12 hours in got the camera bug bam,. save game gone and the cloud is sync to a new gamer for some reason.,ffs

I’m not sure if I should start again or not but if it happens again I’m gonna shoot my pc.

Just logged on after not being able to play yesterday, and my save file is gone as well, continue isn’t working and the load file just says a play through with 1 minute … I’ve already gotten all the FOB’s and had up to the wasp unlocked. I had made it to the Repository mission.

I wasn’t very far but I can confirm that my save no longer works and appears it was caused by having multiple controllers connected as it happened right after I switched from playing It Takes Two with my wife with two controllers connected. It also breaks ability to load into multiplayer where it loads me stuck under the map which restarting my system fixes but the campaign seems permanently screwed

So, I made the video showing how it happens. The cause of the bug is being double signed in. This can happen mid game if your controller disconnects and reconnects and prompts you to sign in. Just close out the sign in prompt, never sign in again or press LETS GO. For Xbox players, I would be more worried about booting the game while already being double signed in. If you try to load or start a game, it will break it. The workaround is just make sure before you start the game, turn off and sign out every other controller first, and never sign in again when prompted. Also, I don’t think there is any way to recover a save file after this happens, but hopefully it can be recovered after a patch.

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I have a series x and I had just beat a boss around 90% complete. Was going up an elevator then game just crashed. Went to load game like always and progress bar for how much complete of the game doesn’t even show up. Reinstalled halo campaign and still nothing. Save file there. But cannot access it. Such a aggravating moment too. So close to done. Come on devs. What’s going on here.

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Just writing a comment so this gets more visibility, this also happened to me and hopefully they solve this bug, I honestly don’t have expectations to recover my 11 hour save file, but I want to at least start a new game. From what people on Youtube and here are saying it has to do with swapping controllers and having two accounts signed in (I don’t really know the specifics but it’s something I did and this happened)

I also had this problem on the infinite campaign on the series x. Was in the recovery mission (ironic I know) and saved and quit. Kids played a two player game then I went back to infinite on my account and loaded my game. Camera went buggy, I couldn’t control anything so I reset but wasn’t able to load the saved campaign. I get the countdown but after 1 nothing happens. I deleted the local saved file, resynced with the cloud but the problem persisted. Anyone have success with a response from tech support?