Save file corrupted and wont load...possible to share save files?

Hello. My game crashed right when I completed the Command Spire mission. Now, when I try to load, I get the countdown…and nothing happens. Tried restarting, reinstalling, manually loading instead of continuing…nothing works.

My question is…is it possible for someone to share their save file or is it tied to one’s account? Would really rather not spend 20+ hours redoing everything if someone had a file at or near the point in the game I’m at. Just cant seem to find any mention of sharing save files.

I’ve run into the same problem, unfortunately. I filed a ticket to support and got a message saying that they have no fix or workaround for this issue. It sucks.

I have the exact same issue just happen right now. About 25 hours just lost

Its seems there’s a lot of negativity about this game going around at the moment. But it doesn’t seem to be nearly enough…

Why are there no backup or autosaves? Its a feature all professionally made games have had for at least 10 years to avoid EXACTLY this problem. And yet… here we are

The campaign problem is disastrous and it’s being completely ignored. My friend had 97% completion with Legendary completed, and his Laso progress was 70% when his save file corrupted this week.

He went from loving the game to never gonna touch it again. It’s outrageous.

I’m myself on the 5th mission or so and I’m now scared to death to encounter a bug in the game that’ll destroy my data when I play. I crashed once already on Series X and I didn’t lose my file, just a small amount of progress.