Save Data Semi-Erasing Glitch (post-patch, steps to try repeat incl.)

Ok, I am all kinds of pissed right now, so excuse any errors in my typing…

So last night I lost all of my co-op save file history and 3 library entries (essentially everything I have done since first playing co-op). I will lay out the steps that occurred prior to this glitch so that 343i or any foolish person can find if this is isolated or a problem with the game.

[Prelude Info]: First off, my save file prior to playing co-op online (ie, how it now looks) had all levels completed ‘Solo’ on ‘Normal’ with 42/45 ‘Library’ items analyzed. I then proceeded to play ‘Co-Op’ ‘Legendary’ with a friend over the last week or so. We completed it several hours ago. I had 2 achievements left to complete, so I figured I would do them at this point “on my own”. I wanted to get the “He’s Unstoppable” achievement, so I was going to have my girlfriend sign in to play the first while I just hung back…


  1. Turned on Xbox 360, signed in, loaded game, selected HDD save location
  2. Turned on 2nd controller, signed in 2nd profile, selected HDD save location
  3. Selected Campaign, only saw my profile listed
  4. Backed out to main menu, signed off 2nd profile.
  5. Selected Campaign, was prompted to sign in, but only 1st controller was active to select the requested “sign in” button, oddly signed in again with same profile on same controller…, asked to select save location, selected HDD.

At this point I instantly noticed something was wrong. My previous default level select was ‘The Maw’, ‘Legendary’, ‘4 Skulls On’ and at this moment (and from then on) the default showed ‘The Pillar of Autumn’, ‘Normal’, ‘1 Skull On’

Mission Select now shows that I have never played ‘Co-Op’ on any levels, and my library no longer displays the 3 missing entries I analyzed while playing Co-Op with my friend.

Please 343i check if this glitch is repeatable, as this is a major problem and a situation should NEVER occur like this with anyone’s games that is not a result of human error. Honestly, I don’t even understand how this happened.

I also request that I be explained in as much as legally possible how your save file/management system works. My only surmise is that information related to ‘Solo’ vs ‘Co-Op’ are stored in different areas of a save file (ie, anything done in one or the other is saved in a location reflecting which mode it was done in). So that I may attempt to look into fixing my specific save file “manually”.

I would really like a logical response to this and not simply “Thanks for letting us know, we’ll look into it”; and refrain from not explaining something to me for fear it might go over my head.

EDIT: I have other glitches to report (co-op lag, ‘ghost’/‘blind’ player, etc.), but figured they are already known and that this was more important.

EDIT 2: Save file creation and gameplay done post-patch.

Same problem… have you restored your save?

> Same problem… have you restored your save?

Unfortunately no. I looked into the issue for some time, and never found an answer or solution. I am glad and sad that you responded. Its too bad you had the same problem (Trust me, I know how frustrating it was, I haven’t even played the game since because of how pissed it made me), but I am glad that there is evidence it wasn’t specific to me…and thus may help persuade 343 to actually respond to my inquires about it.

If you obtain any more information, please post it here.