Satisfactory Arena changes?

For the attention of the average of 1500 people who play Arena: With the removal of Jetpack, how many of you are truly happy with the current state of this playlist?

I for one miss jetpack, but can’t say that my division/percentage has neither improved nor suffered. The once fast paced, team oriented play-style has now become a stagnant campfest of corner crouching and sprinting away.

If you’re like me, then you most likely play alone or with one additional teammate. The chances of finding random teammates that work together, use mics, and team shot are slim to none. Add in the factor of opponents that often utilize the 2’s trick, and you find yourself with the real issue. People haven’t been able to climb the rankings not because of the unfair advantages of Jetpack, but rather, the unfair team advantage.

I see it day in and day out. The people who complained most about jetpack are still bad and have improved their division status marginally. So was jetpack really the reason? I enjoy jetpack simply because of the angles created by it’s versatility.

With the map updates, I can say that I am much more pleased with the play list overall. If we could omit maps like swordbase and powerhouse, which both promote camping, and bring back Pinnacle, I feel that we’d have a real shot at creating a very fun playlist.

Besides all my rambling and misdirection, tell me how you feel about the changes.

JP = Noob-pack.

Honestly, it was brilliant decision to remove Noob-pack. I give it three thumbs up!!! Try playing TS, Super Slayer, BTB ect. In fact, I think all other game types have Noob-pack except Anniversary. It is not like your choices are limited, like it is for people looking for games without Noob-lock, Noob-pack, Noob-roll, Active Noobmo, Holonoob.

Despite the community’s request for changes in this area, 343i strongly advocates all AAs in all game types. I do not know why 343i refuses to create good gametypes with limited AAs. I know there is Anniversary, but it needs to be free and rotated in the other games. H4 will be out soon and no one is going to buy them anyways.

I’m happy with it. The jetpack was an awful thing to allow players to spawn with. It changes the pace of the game too drastically and creates an unpredictable flow by opening up a near infinite amount of sight lines and firing angles. This PROMOTES camping in confined areas where jetpack isn’t effective.

I’d be all for them adding jetpacks on the maps that were obviously designed for them (swordbase, boardwalk, etc) but as a spawning choice they made the right decision.

I never use it so for me I like the change only because others can’t use it either (selfish reason)! But I really didn’t mind it before because in the Silver/Gold divisions I don’t really see it abused much (not like some videos I’ve seen of onyx games). So it has never really annoyed me.

That being said I am disappointed that the population has not increased since the change. It has always surprised me that so few play arena…even if ranks aren’t desirable, the gameplay has always been good (DMR’s only, better matchups, etc).

Happier, but not happy till there is a healthier population. Win bonus in Arena should be higher than objective games. That would attract the newer players trying to rank up, and the influx of population will attract those who don’t care about credits.


Reach needs to be more like H3----Have a good ranking system and game types that do not allow guest.