Sangheili ranks

I thought it’d be cool if the Sangheili had a ranking system in Halo: Reach. The way they could rank up is from getting kills, as the way the Sangheili got promoted in the Haloverse was from killing their enemies.

Minor: 100 kills
Major: 500 kills
Ultra: 2 500 kills
Zealot-General: 5 000 kills
Zealot-Field Master: 15 000 kills
Zealot-Ship master: 30 000 kills
Zealot Fleet master: 90 000 kills
Zealot-Field Marshall: 250 000 kills
Imperial Admiral: 1 000 000 kills

Too much? Not enough? Need some more ranks? Post here!

Why is it kill based? :frowning:

> Why is it kill based? :frowning:

In the Haloverse, the Sangheili got promotions from how many enemies they killed e.g. A Sangheili with the rank of “Zealot” has killed quite an an amazing amount of enemies.

Make Imperial Admiral 500,000 and it will be fine.

> Make Imperial Admiral 500,000 and it will be fine.

That could work, but the Imperial Admiral is the leader of every single Covenant military personnel. It’s quite an achievement to reach that rank. It’s a rank where only a dedicated few could achieve it.