Sandtrap remake!

Anyone else want a sandtrap remake?

Yeah, Sandtrap should find its way into every Halo title in one form or another. Could be my favorite Halo map of all time.

Then again I am loving Ridgeline right now. And Boneyard was one sick map. I hold all three pretty equally high.

Not so sure about the easter egg thing though. All I’m concerned with is a high quality MM map.

Sandtrap is your favourite? I have to ask why?

For me…I like big maps, I like vehicles, and I prefer asymmetry.

I ate childrens faces on Sandtrap. Regularly. So much you can do on that map. So many routes, so many obstacles, so much carnage.

My best films came from Sandtrap.

Sandtrap was a wonderful map, especially on heavy variants. Everything’s better heavy :slight_smile:

Seriously though, the balance was great–long sight lines but plenty of cover, bases that offered you real protection–and could move, nothing too far away, but rarely any spawnkilling either, and if you lost map control, hide inside the ruins until the enemy was forced from boredom to leave their vehicles. Or, if you’re in the vehicle in above situation, cleverly lure them out. Tons of fun.

I want another Sandtrap.