Sandboxr shipping method

Hey IDK if anyone here has purchased the 3d printed Spartans that Sandboxr sells. But I was thinking about it, HOWEVER there’s one issue. I’m stationed on a USMC base, and they only accept USPS mail because reasons. So I was wondering if anyone knows what method Sandboxr uses to ship their products. I couldn’t find it on the site, and they haven’t responded to my email yet. So I was wondering if you guys could tell me…

Also, what’s the best size to get? I’ve been thinking about the second biggest model, but IDK.

Maybe you should have the Sandboxr folks send your Spartan figurine to your home address so your family can safeguard it until you get back, therefore you may not be limited to using USPS mail while on duty.

In terms of size, it’s entirely subjective. But having seen photos floating around, I think either Medium or Large seem nice. Extra Large is really expensive.

I would recommend you to send it to someone you trust and then this person should send it to you via USPS.