Sandbox Update Ideas

Just wanted to create a list of ideas for Sandbox changes. I have my own ideas but I’ll write some cool ones up in here too :slight_smile: WIP


Refraction Rifle - a projectile sniper that fires a hardlight pulse down its tracer beam. The tracer bounces off surfaces, showing the path the ricocheting hardlight will take.
Spiker - instead of being weak, the Spiker now rapidly fires weighted projectile spikes, as a stronger but slower assault rifle.
DMR, Shotgun, Spartan Laser, Brute Shot, Mauler all return


Chopper should ram, not cut.
Vehicles need a bit more heft and health.
Falcon returns, in campaign as well as forge.


In forge and customs, allow players to start with any campaign-upgraded equipment, or any multiplayer equipment. Ideally, allow us to create our own “equipment prefabs” - equipment with modifiers that we select attached - to be placed in forge or used in customs.