Sandbox remake for Halo 4

I think that Sandbox should be re-introduced into Halo 4. It was my favorite map, and that’s probably where I spent my countless hours of custom games.

So, would you like to see Sandbox remade for Halo 4?

Also, would you like anything changed about it? I was think that it could be made bigger and, of course, include more forge objects and vehicles.

in my opinion, 343 should saty away from remakes,

either MAKE THE ORIGINAL MAP with the new engine, or don’t remake it at all

because if they make a remake, people will complain that it’s not 100% perfect as the original, and then people will hate the map, and ask for it to be removed,

just look at hemorrhage

(in my opinion, that map is only good for BTB, anything else, and its kinda bad)

I completely agree with you, both of you. I came onto the forum today to ask about bringing back some old maps, mainly Valhala, Sandtrap, and The Pit. No variations, just the upgraded engine.

I want nothing less than a complete fully-fledged map editor.