Sandbox on Halo 4?

Would 343 ever make it that in Halo 4 a Sandbox creator similar to crysis or Far cry was used instead of building maps within a map?

I would like a map creator which would be downladed to PC. This would be optional and there would still be regular Forge in the game for less experienced map makers, but true map makers would love this, they could finally create whatever comes into mind. I don’t know would I be good enough to make real maps, but I know I would love the maps made by experienced people, people who know about gameplay and map balance more than some game developers.

Imagine an endless supply of new maps. No more need to pay for maps that may not even be good when you could just search for the highest rated or most downloaded maps which many of them are quaranteed to be good. We have already seen what people have done with Reach’s Forge. For example the gratest Forge maps like Affinity (if you’re familiar with it) with real details and textures. I know many people would love this kind of program.

Of course it’s pretty much quaranteed we won’t be getting this kind of feature, but wouldn’t it be great?