Sandbox/community playlist in Multiplayer

Would you guys like to see a community sandbox playlist in Halo X1 (H5), similar to the “Action Sack” playlist in Reach?

How great would it be if the next Halo installment had a community sandbox style playlist that consisted of the best monthly game-types/map combinations that have been created and voted on by the community? For example: In it’s own playlist, the top 7-10 most popular game-types of the month would be available to play on matchmaking (as opposed to only custom games) for all to experience. I believe that this would be a fun idea, and will encourage community interaction and multiplayer innovation.

Like many of you, I was very disappointed with the Halo 4 file share, and the trouble associated with it near launch. A playlist like this would be a great way to keep Halo “fresh” and allow players (such as myself) with small Xbox live friends list to play these fun community made game-types without struggling to find people to play with in custom games. Giving a power like this to the community could also be a smart PR move for 343 Industries.

This hypothetical playlist I’m talking about doesn’t have to be linked with rank, experience or personal stats. I’m mentioning this because I’m assuming that many of you will critique this idea by stating that it could potentially lead to lopsided stats, K/D ratio and W/L ratio. So keep that in mind.

Just a thought, I’m interested in hearing what you guys think.

Forge needs to see more freedom first but I’ve been wanting a community mini game type playlist since Reach. Action sack is good, it just doesn’t show how creative someone can be with forge.

I’d like to see a Custom Games Browser implemented. That solves the problem of finding friends for Custom Games and it creates the opportunity to make new friends, share maps and gametypes, and enjoy more Custom Games. :stuck_out_tongue: