SANDBOX: Cindershot

A general thread to discuss the Cindershot.

  • What does it currently bring to the sandbox?
  • What changes can be made to make it feel more unique?
  • Does it need buffs / nerfs (taking into considerstion its place in the weapon tiers)?

The Cindershot is currently classified as a Tier 3 Launcher, and it shares a role with it’s counterpart, the M41 SPNKR. The M41 SPNKR is one of the strongest weapons in the game, however the Cindershot doesn’t come close in comparison.

Testing done in the following thread had the Cindershot ranked 8th of the 20 weapons in the game (not including the melee weapons).
The Cindershot scored a 26,835 while the M41 SPNKR scored a 44,935. The Cindershot is inferior to the M41 SPNKR in Damage (needing 2 shots to kill instead of one), Explosive Radius (which leads to more shots missing and less potential for multikills), and also range (projectiles are effected by gravity). The Cindershot’s richochet projectiles gives it an advantage over the SPNKR for enemies hiding far around corners, it also has more ammo capacity but that’s out of necessity for the lower damage output, not really an advantage.

The Cindershot is an interesting weapon with its richochet projectiles that implode and pull enemies towards the detonation point. That said, using the Cindershot is ‘wonky’ for lack of a better term. It is too difficult to get a direct hit with, so you are often firing projectiles rapidly at an area in front of the target to hit the bounce shot, which can lead to unexpected misses when enemies are on uneven surfaces or if there are obstacle nearby. Additionally, when encountering an enemy in close quarters you’re likely just going to start spamming projectiles at your feet hoping to hit them with the bounce shot. Lastly there is the guided projectile feature, which is a great feature in theory but it serves literally no purpose because you are exposed while guiding your shot and even if you manage to guide your shot where you want it to go you are going to have to do it again because its a two shot kill, and by that time you are likely dead.

So here’s my suggestion for an improved Cindershot: Hitting an enemy directly with a projectile (before touching any other surface) should be a one shot kill. To balance this, the ammo capacity should be decreased from 6 to 5 (same as the Fuel Rod Cannon). This would put the Cindershot closer to the level of the M41 SPNKR (both weapons would be one shot kills, however the Cindershot requires a direct hit the M41 SPNKR doesn’t - the SPNKR can also multikill with one shot the Cindershot would still require mulitple shots). This would also give functionality and purpose to the guided projectile feature for the Cindershot, a medal could even be added to the game for hitting an enemy at long range with it (similar to the Ballista for the Skewer). I think it would still be a well balanced power weapon as long as ammo capacity is reduced since the Cindershot is actually challenging to hit enemies with. Even at short distances gravity greatly effects projectiles so it would be difficult to hit enemies directly unless you use the guided projectile feature (which limits your fire rate and leaves you exposed because you must control your projectile).

The Final Test:

  1. Does this make the weapon more interesting or not?
  • Arguably yes, more power is always more interesting.
  1. Does this add depth to the gameplay?
  • Definitely yes. This gives the Guided Projectile feature an actual purpose.
  1. Does this break the balance of gameplay?
  • I would say no, considering this is a Tier 3 Power Weapon that is supposed to be on par with the M41 SPNKR. Improving damage for direct hits rewards skill and increases power, while reducing ammo capacity counteracts the increased potential damage (the question is, would 5 shots still be too much?). At the end of the day, it is still challenging to hit an enemy directly with the Cindershot unless you use the Guided Projectile feature, which is why everyone shoots at the ground with the Cindershot already.
  1. Does this fit the lore / theme of the weapon?
  • Yes, I would argue it does. I think if you get hit directly with an imploding ball of hardlight you should probably die. Stars implode when they go supernova, this is like that only smaller.

What are your thoughts?


I’m just gonna bump this real quick.

Good post.

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I’m also going to bump this again. I think something still needs to be done with the Cindershot. It has an optimal TTK of 0.9s (direct hits while using S-Link). If you miss one shot with this thing (which is easy to do considering you have to bounce shot every projectile) you can be outgunned by an AR or a Sidekick. Being a power weapon, I think this thing needs a buff (especially when its counterpart the M41 SPNKR is the most powerful weapon in the game).

If the orginal post is tldr: Essentially I think shots fired while aiming (using the S-Link) should be one shot kills for direct hits. This would actually give function to the S-Link, because this is currently a useless gimmick. Regular fire can remain the same, ammo capacity could be reduced to 5 from 6 to balance killing potential.

I think the S-Link could be such a fun feature if it was actually useful.

I tend to forget that this weapon even exists. The same goes for the Ravager. I think it should work vs objectives like koth or strongholds but so far grenade spam with combined AR/BR fire is way more effective.

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“an Orca Dork” has a YouTube channel that has some really cool weapon mods. In particular, his mod for a Cindershot variant looks awesome. Named the Sidewinder, it fires a cluster of hardlight projectiles which converge on a laser guided target.

Check out their video titled “UBER weapon pack” on YouTube. Timestamp 8:47.

Cyndershot is fun to use, but I’m absolute terrible at landing shots on Spartans lol. Sometimes just hitting the floor near targets detonates the bomb for me, other times it bounces and flies past them.

Usually I don’t pick it up though. I generally preform better with other weapons.

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