Same problem everyone else is having. - WREQBundle

343, maybe you’ll see this out of the 5000 other posts regarding this same kind of post, which to me, shows it’s a pretty big issue being that people are wasting their money on a product that isn’t working like its supposed to. I pre-ordered Halo 5 and bought the Warzone REQ bundle online through gamestop to go with it. On the release date of the game I received my code for the Warzone REQ via email. It downloaded perfectly fine, and it gave me my first 2 REQ packs. Since then, almost a month later, I haven’t received anymore packs since the initial 2 I got when I first downloaded it. Please help with this issue, maybe myself, and all the other people with this same issue didn’t waste $25.

Thanks in advance.

At least you got 2, I ain’t got yoink!!! Digital deluxe edition…

****Update. I received 2 more packs around 2 am this morning. Good, but I don’t understand why it didn’t start giving me the packs a month ago, but hopefully they’ll keep coming in every Monday now.