Same Monthly gets boring

Am I the only one who thinks getting the same monthly challenge each month is boring? I mean sure, some months we need more wins than the last, but that’s not really different. I’d like to see something new every once and a while. I’m still a big fan of the game, so don’t get me wrong, I’d just prefer some variety.

So, this month, we need 40 less wins to get about double the xp we normally get. Makes perfect sense guys.

Yeah the challenge creative team needs a boost. It’s one of things that I really liked about reach were some of that challenges like the Golden Tree City challenge (banshee BOB on New Alexandria), Pod Kettle Black or specific body count with specific weapons etc etc.

While what I mentioned were campaign challenges, Bungie’s challenges really made me rethink different ways of playing the game.

Boring repetition is safe… most of the innovations in Halo 4 have made things worse, not better.