Same LIVE account, 2 Xboxes

I’ve got two Xbox Slims in my household (Reach and Halo 4 editions). I primarily play on the Halo 4 system so I entered all my codes on there for the Map pack, skins, specs, etc. When I downloaded my profile to my Reach system, I noticed it didn’t have all that stuff attached to it. Is there a way to get it on both systems? Do I just have to input the codes again in order for it to appear on both, or is MS going to make me purchase everything?

Also, since they are on the same network, I have the ports open and being forwarded to the IP of the Halo 4 system. When I tried to add a rule to forward the same ports to the IP of the Reach system, my router wouldn’t let me do it. (Duplicate port error) So I decided to try using port triggering and that didn’t work. Doing that set the NAT on both systems to strict. So I set it back up the way it was, just forwarding the ports to the Halo 4 system and that gave me an open NAT on the Halo 4 system. I then proceeded to put the Reach console on the DMZ with no luck.

I am using a Linksys E4200 router just for clarification.


I know some people have been having the same problem but as long as you’re signed in with the same gamertag everything should be available on your other console.

This is from the FAQ, hope it helps.

> I signed in on a different Xbox 360 after recovering my profile over Xbox LIVE, and the profile’s customized Loadouts are no longer available.
> Use a storage device to move your profile to a different Xbox 360. Reassign all Loadouts – all items should still be properly unlocked and available.

If you are using the same account, then all you would need to do is go on the console that does not have the files, and be able to download them again free of charge. They never make you repay, only if you are attempting to use 2 seperate accounts on 2 seperate consoles.

Go to Settings->Account->Download History