Sadly, this progression system is perfect, as bad as it is right now

Let me explain, as it stands right now, this progression system will allow any players, even the casual ones, to complete this battlepass in well advance of may 2022, and probably the others that will come. I heard a lot of people asking for a performance-based xp rewarding system, but a system like that would only accelerate, and not improve the process. I’m not saying i like this system, because is by far the less satisfying to play with, but unless a total revolution by 343 that would change piece by piece the progression system (improbable right now) i can’t see a valid immediate solution that could improve this. The only chance i see is to give us the possibility to earn a small amount of premium currency by progressing in the game, that would also give us another reason to play. The H5 req and commendation system was by far better than this, and still i don’t understand why people hated it that much.


i just wish we had more daily challenges that gave xp. having the same one that only rewards 50 at the end of the day makes it boring, quick. they could even slightly up the amount of xp you need for each tier level.

Yeah, also the fact that every level is 1000 xp it’s pretty pointless, but again, having more challenge would be more interesting, yes, but it would only accelerate the progression without improving it.

Hindsight is 20/20.

At first people said the level was too slow so there was no reason to play.

Now with 124 days left to go people are saying their already at level 100, so there is no reason to play.

I have never been on either boat because I play games for fun and stress relief, not to watch a bar fill up from left to right. But hey, minor issues all things considered.

This I like. Because A) “free money” on top the the free money I get from MS rewards that I use towards cosmetics B) it does not have to be a lot. Like 100 a week would be a better reward for doing the 21 weeklies than the dumb rewards we’ve been getting so far.


As a two day per week player and maybe a third day here and there, I am loving this progression. Yes I am smashing through the BP but also the BP is not normally this long, the extended it we need to remember that.
I feel like I can actually have a chance at collecting things now and I am happy, the QOL will come and I can’t wait for more updates.

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When the Beta started we had different dailies. However people wanted to at least get something for each game played. Given that the current system only allows XP for challenges they basically misappropriated the challenge system by using the dailies to give those per game XP until a new system could be implemented (which will take time).

I’d guess we’ll see a more diverse daily challenge selection again once the other system is in place.