Sadly I can't play halo infinite anymore

Sadly i cant play halo infinite any more the game used to be perfect for me but I haven’t played sense January and the only difference that has happen ive had windows updates and i got a new gpu (upgraded from 1070 to 3080 ti) but now the game just crashes the whole time in main menu before i can get in a match or in a middle of a match, i just want to play the game but it happen so much i got a temp banned


i honestly don’t blame you man… or ma’m. at this point infinite is just source engine 2.0. at times it works for some, and other times a steaming pile of bonfire garbage. i’d recommend giving it a couple years… or not giving it another go, given what 343 has done and all. i wish you luck and a nice time doing anything else, other than playing infinite… let’s just hope infinite doesn’t stay this way for long


Is this an advertisement that you should have bought the 3090 then? -shrugs-