sad face:(

the hype and excitement that I had for this game was great and on the day of release i enjoyed my self so much, the campaign was brilliant but short and the multiplayer was great fun.

but now after nearly a fortnight of the reales im starting to see things that i rely dislike.
1.they made it so that you get awarded for nearly everything and they took it the most achieving medals like sniper,shotgun,sword sprees and so on and change them for sniper kill and not even if it is a head shot.
2.there is a serious lack in ammo in mid game when you die with a power weapon it de spawns almost straight away.thats why you need the weapons to be put on the map with respawn times.
3.its quite laggy and i relise that the game is just out but it is.
4.they put killcams in which i have no problem with it the fact that its not in big team and in my opinion the only gametype that needs this so that it can stop the serious amount of campers.
5.the lack in playlists 10 playlist for a games relise is dissapointing they took out all of the great game modes like rumble pit and multiteam or even team objective.
6.its to easy to kill people at range beacuse of the bobing that you do when you get shot wich turns it into who ever shoots first gets the kill.

the game is just out and im in no position to judge the game in anyway im just pointing out what is wrong with it at the moment

I agree with you even though this has all been pretty much said before. As much as I enjoy this game there is a lot wrong with it that 343 needs to fix before they lose players (myself included)

every halo game has had issues and I’m sure a few patches will fix this. There’s a patch out weekly now so that’s good.