Sad and Disappointed

Maybe this doesn’t change anything, but the game isn’t even fully out yet… Maybe there could be some changes made. I’m not saying there will be, just maybe, hopefully it will. Probably not, though.

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Thats the funny part, because customization is so self centered. How many times have you analyzed your fellow s̶p̶a̶r̶t̶a̶n̶s̶ power ranger?

I know they are not power rangers, but honestly they kind of act and look like them. Customization is a distraction. Yes, I have fun with customization, but honestly it is not important. Gametypes, forge, campaign, customs, etc should be your focus.

Tell me a spartan isnt a power ranger ahahahhaha

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So to clarify: you argue that we should be patient because this is an early release beta, and can’t expect everything to work optimally.

But on December 9, the day after it is officially released, and not a beta anymore, we shouldn’t expect anything to be different?

Please correct me if I have misstated your position.

yeah because fixing something this big can happen in a week or two *SMH
some of you really should educate themselves a bit about game developing,
newsflash genius big changes require TIME, do you comprehend this concept?
The fix we got was a bandaid fix to acknowledge the bigger issue at hand
which will get reworked in time - but 343i wants to get it right and not hastily
throw out some crap and a process like this doesn’t happen in a few weeks.

Hello, My name is Joel. I went to Kent State University for Game Design and Technology Engineering. Nice to meet you, I hope you are educated in game design as well.

Mate this is all that you say. Customization is clearly not important to you. So that’s fine.

1.Customization isn’t even the issue, it’s that they lied about it. We fought to get micro transactions out of Halo 5. 343 agreed and came back with a worse system.

  1. On the topic of Customization. It’s a Staple of Halo. Sure it doesn’t matter but it’s fun unlocking things and building your Spartan. People use it for more than just pvp too. You are so narrow minded on that. You provide no real argument either on your point. You keep on saying the same thing. At least I have several arguments to your one power rangers argument.

Sorry I’m not just in games for the PvP or Campaign. I play games that I enjoy entirely. Though and through

But halo 5 req system was worse. Yes you got pieces of armor more quickly, but the warzone was imbalanced because it took me forever to unlock the Phateon when my friends got lucky and got it in the first few packs. I opened many gold packs none that were bought and it took many many many packs.

Thats a pay for in game power and that in unacceptable in Halo. So glad Halo infinite is just pay for cosmetics not pay for gameplay… Imagine if you had to unclock the grappleshot. That would be garbage.

I don’t fully disagree with you, but it was nice that you were constantly getting credits to buy more packs with every match, not costing you a single dime.

The issue though, those packs could still be earned in game.

I fully agree that it was a stupid and evil system, but at least we had that chance of earning packs in game instead of with money.

No, I’m saying they released it in beta mode to find larger issue that would otherwise have only been found on December 8th launch day. Doing this helps then find priority issues like game crashes, graphics glitches, no aim assist glitch etc… and allows them to address the larger issues in a day 1 (Dec 8th) patch.

Basically from a development point of view the more people that play the game the more issues arise. Historically games have waited to find these issues on launch day. But the industry is shifting to early beta release so they can address these issues earlier and add features in over time as they get close to the full release date. Helps to not overwhelm the development team and gives them more time to address larger issues.

I’m sorry, that isn’t clearing it up for me.
When you replied to OP, the subject of bugs hadn’t been raised. They expressed disappointment with the very aggressive monetization, and concern that the grind was spoiling the game…

If none of those things will be changed when the game leaves beta, how is the game’s beta status relevant to the post?

Because the point is that bugs and glitches take priority for early updates. Changes to monetization, customization, battle pass etc… may come after the game launch’s. Basically I’m pointing out that while changes and fixes will definitely come don’t get your hopes up for immediate change. The games beta status is about improving overall gameplay and networking and finding game breaking issues. Not about getting feedback on monetization. Though changes will still come to those areas. Just most likely later down the road.

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