Sad and Disappointed

We have reached that point.

A small “fix” to the xp system (that wasn’t even a fix) and now silence.

A battle pass could have worked, but everything is behind it. There is no achievements worth getting, because armor should be tied to achievements. (At least some amor/ skins should be)

343 you failed Halo 4, you failed Halo 5 (luckily the mp wasn’t all that bad), and you have failed Halo: Inf multiplayer…. You failed Halo.

We were pretty much lied to about this multiplayer, just like Halo 5’s campaign.

I am sadden and disappointed. (Halo is the game that I fell in love with. It was fun and exciting. The campaign and mp always got better. Ever since Halo 4 it been going down…. Halo 5’s MP (even though there were a couple cringy things wrong with it) was slowly going in the right direction. Infinite’s mp made a U-turn. … just sad.


Cry me a river. Halo is fine and this is a small problem. Who cares about making your power ranger cool looking. No one can see your armor anyway and it has always been like that in game. When you are playing the game you arnt focusing on such things.

Halo has always been about 3 things.
Campaign - which people are saying is really good in infinite
Multiplayer - This game is killing it! Super social and super competeive 10/10
Customs - Some of the options are really good! I made a custom with my friends with full damage bonus maximum run speed and bottomless clip with the sentinel beam and instant respawn IT IS HILARIOUS and lots of fun!

Now if only we could get some normal playlists going. Players should be able to chose what they want to play and then cycle the less played playlists every 2 weeks.

Stop saying halo is dead. Halo had zero customization for the first 2 legendary games. 3 had very little customization. Reach had customization, but the campaign was definitely less epic than 3.

As long as Halo Infinite has a good campaign than they didnt fail. I have never cared about what my power ranger looks like. Going f2p is great cause now I have 3 new friends who never played halo and they love it.


Color Customization in Halo CE counts as Customization.

Primary and Secondary Color Customization, Emblem Customization as well as Species Choice in Halo 2 counts as Customization.

Halo has always been about 4 things.


Good for you that you’ve never cared about a staple of Halo millions of others do care about. If that’s the case, you have nothing more to contribute here besides your initial " who cares ", of which is not constructive.

You may leave, now.


LUL. I’ve been around since the start. 2001. Played since I’ve been in 1st grade.

Halo 4-5 campaign were terrible, absolutely terrible.

Halo 5 MP was good but was partly behind a loot crate system

Halo Infinite MP is behind a battle pass

There are many things wrong with it. You don’t get rid of a loot crate system then place 90% of cosmetics behind a paywall.

Stop trying to defend something that wrong and broken.


Also Halo 3 MP and then Halo Reach and from then on customization has been a staple. So sit down son and let the veterans of halo tell you about it.

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People seem to forget what the term “beta” means.

No, we don’t. (Also a beta having a fully operational Battlepass???) LUL

Here is the thing about a beta, it’s to find glitches and balances. But when you have a fully operational battlepass, an event, and content/skins at $20… then eyebrows will be raised.

Things are in a bad state… they can call it a beta, but it’s more than that at this point.


It’s still very much a beta. Because guess what? We are still finding bugs and glitches. The full game releases on December 8th.

In terms of “fully operational battle passes” Splitgate also released with a battle pass and it was still in a beta mode. This is the new normal. It take a lot to build a game. And the more people playing the more issues people find. The game is great. It has issues but nothing that won’t get fixed over time. It’s also the holiday season and I’m sure the devs are with their families like millions of other people. So calm down and be patient. They will fix it soon.

Ok, will you go on the record about what you will say on Dec 9 if nothing is changed?

I see people say “it’s beta!” A LOT.


“It’s still very much a beta. Because guess what? We are still finding bugs and glitches.”

LMAO you new to video games bud? Finding bugs and glitches is a very common thing for literally every single game in history.

Imagine saying that something isn’t a beta when there are no bugs or glitches. That would literally mean there are no video games in existance because they literally ALL have bugs and glitches.

Also imagine using splitgate as an example??? They have 3k average players at any time of the day. They maxed at like 60k. It failed baddddd

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“They will fix it soon” lulululul.

You don’t go silent… worse thing for a game. Especially since Halo 5 people complained about the loot crates, then you turn around adding an even more crappier battlepass… like why?

Money is not a defense here either.

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:joy: it’s funny you expect major changes on December 9th. Obviously don’t understand exactly how game development works.

We’ll get a major day 1 patch that’ll fix priority issues. Like big glitches, back end network issues, crashes etc… Non priority issues like battle pass progression or issues with customization will probably come mid December. I suspect we’ll get frequent updates with large fixes monthly and smaller updates bi monthly for the foreseeable future.

Where the heck do I get optimism like this? This isn’t a beta, it’s pre-launch access, like 2042 and guess what, that’s out and it’s still a -Yoink!- mess.

We’re just arguing with each other at this point but these glaring issues should be looked at now, while 343 still has a chance to save the player base, and in turn that sweet sweet dosh they desperately crave

Yeah OP I feel the same :slightly_frowning_face:

Lmao calm down guy it’s only been a week

I have optimism because I’ve studied game design in the past and have a basic understanding of the process.

This game is night and day better then battlefield. In fact it’s the best Halo since Halo 3. Even with all the issues. The gameplay is fun enough even with bugs to keep people engaged. And over the next few weeks fixes will come out that’ll keep it that way. Halo will be fine. Just takes time to make adjustments and improvements.

Mm People would argue with you there. Halo 3, Reach, (Halo 5’s Mp minus loot crates) were all great.

It just doesn’t feel like they did better than Halo 5s mp. Feel like they went backwards… a lot. Gameplay sure, however everything else meh.

They’re not power rangers.

LUL customization is a staple of halo. If you can’t stomach that, get out. Pfft.

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Yeah, saying that is belittling, like “lol you’re a kid for wanting that”