Sacred Armor

As everyone who has ever played the halo series, the developers and employees of the halo series always have access to a special sacred armor that everybody wants, and won’t get until a long time or the next game comes out. In Halo 3 it was recon, which was given only to the employees and those who caught the approving eye of the developers (example:death by cone in the face guy). In Reach the armor was not as sacred but still very limited, the haunted helmet that had a skull in the pilot helmet and had blue flames, the exclusiveness of this helmet did not last as long as recon armor, because it is available to those who reach a certain ranking and have acquired some serious credit. Now to the point, what will be Halo 4’s sacred armor. Yeah the developers will say that they won’t make another sacred armor, but we all know that they will. come up with ideas, for example, ive a feeling that they may make a promethian spartan armor. Or perhaps bring back hayabusa and have just for the employees. Or they may make something else. What do you think they will do?(or should they do?)

I think they should focus more on gameplay and less on how their doll looks.

It better be something good since the armor we have seen so far isn’t that good