Sabre Firefight

I was thinking a while back, and I thought, the Sabers aren’t used enough. I mean, come on, only in a part of one level? Why not have a Sabre Firefight!
There could be some really cool maps to play on, like the part when you’re defending Anchor 9 and boarding long night of solace. And some new ones like orbiting on of Reach’s moons, flying around a super carrier, in the middle of a halo ring, and above the friggin’ Ark! You could also choose to pilot a Seraph too!
This might be taking it a bit to far, but you could maybe be able to customize your Sabre, like flame or teeth designs and color. I know it would put away the first-person-shooter aspect of halo, but I still think we need to be able to use Sabers more.

sabre firefight or even matchmaking would be awesome. Customization would indeed be going too far.

I know, might as well make a whole new game called “Halo: Sabre”. >:P

There also could be objectives like to escort a Halcyon class cruiser or destroy a super carrier that’s glassing a planet.