Sabre Firefight in Halo Reach

I was having a little bit of a brainstorm the other day and I came up with the idea of some form of Firefight mode for Halo Reach that features Sabre combat. I think that this would be an interesting way to replay the only bit of space combat that Halo really has. Additionally, I don’t think that it would be too difficult to add. There could be a couple different skyboxes to choose from as maps. Three of these skyboxes include the original skybox used in Halo Reach for that mission and the two space skyboxes from the blank-slate forge maps in H2A. If the pathfinding and whatnot is good enough, I think that this could also get more interesting with actual obstacles and items like ships, debris and buildings. I say buildings as another cool map that could be used is the one from New Alexandria with all of the skyscrapers.
Just a thought.


Whenever the Reach mod tools release I can almost guarantee that someone will create this mode.


indeed, but it’d be nice if 343 did it so it wouldn’t be excluding console players.


As a megagigantic Star Wars fan, I would be ecstatic if 343 was able to make a huge outer-space forge map where there could be a 12 vs. 12 Sabre vs Seraph PvP Mode. I have no idea if it would work in the Halo Reach engine. But it would be awesome if it was possible.

You’re asking a lot in this small sentence!

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This is an amazing idea!



I second this, I always thought Reach missed a trick by not including Sabre matchmaking

I don’t think that it’d be too much to ask for since it’s just restructuring around what already exists in the game and reusing assets rather than making things from scratch. Although, if people would really enjoy, why is it a bad thing that I’m asking this?

I think we were all waiting for this when Halo Reach was initially release. I can’t believe they never got it to us, and they should definitely do this now.