Saber H:CEA Interview

Here is an interview with Saber Interactive if you haven’t seen it yet. They are the studio working on H:CEA.

lol I love how this guy is just ranting on and on

> So in other words if we made the same exact game as Gears and it was every bit as good in all respects, it wouldn’t be perceived as well because it’s not Gears and also it’s derivative.
> I don’t know why derivative is always necessarily bad - if you put out a game that’s as good as Gears, who cares if it’s not original? If people are having fun that’s what should matter right? But if it matters, it should factor in somewhat and ‘okay I’m going to take off a point because it’s not original’ but if it’s fun and people are having a good time… Call of Duty came out after Medal of Honour. Really - it was derivative, right?

> We’ve looked at Gears also, where - I think the story is ridiculous - but the cinematic presentation is good. What they did with the camera and the way they kept dialogue to a minimum, the cuts short and fast, was really well done.

Wow, that should draw some good PR for Saber Interactive IMO. Seriously though, TimeShift was a really underrated game. It was tons of fun and super action-packed I had fun playing it. From what I have seen from the HCEA campaign so far, it looks really good like a modern FPS really.

> lol I love how this guy is just ranting on and on

Yeah, it was a pretty good interview. I hope we get a few more before the game launches. I would love to know more about the development process. I can’t wait to see AotCR redone. :slight_smile:

They seem to hold themselves pretty well.