S6 Leveling Change - My Opinion

So when season 6 was announced, I was excited like many(?) of you, though when it inched closer and closer one of the upcoming changes struck me as odd. That change being no season points post lvl 100 for leveling up.

Immediately once I started playing season 6 I noticed a change. Sure there were more point awarding challenges but IMO they’re not enough. There are players that have played from season 1 but they are also plenty who join later on and need to catch up like me.

I feel that without the season point every level it makes the blue XP challenges literally have no point (if you’re past lvl 100) and it means you have to wait 3-6 days to even be able to get season points depending on how fast you complete challenges!

From what I’ve heard the change was made to combat AFK bots or something like that, however a change like this hurts more than it helps, and there must surely be a better way to sort this issue out.

Didn’t the levelling change happen after Season 1’s release? I can find threads dating back to last year about the subject. Regardless, I do think the system should be brought back, and I do believe I read somewhere that it was coming back. Or that 343i were at least entertaining the idea.

Season Points per level stopped being handed out a long time ago. It’s hardly a new change.
People were able to AFK farm & Boost ranks in social by farming Max XP handouts with other players in game modes like FFA.
This made getting season points incredibly easy as challenges didn’t exist back then.

Since challenges were added, season points will be earned exclusively through those select challenges that offer them as a completion reward.

I know that you earn so few a week and challenges can be done easily. I’ve managed to consistently beat 11 of the 13 PvE challenges in about a hour. It’s not hard for an experienced player.
Other players do need that week time frame to beat them though.
There is logic behind what they’re doing with season point capping.

Whilst I understand the frustration of not being to earn points consistently throughout the week you also should consider that 343i needs MCC to have a replayability factor (season point challenges). If you could earn season points through other means then you’ll be less inclined to come back week after week during a season.

Capping a earn rate per week means that you’re going to have a reason to come back next week to earn more and continue progressing. This negates player burn out. It’s a way of protecting the player from themselves and having nothing to do for the rest of the season