S.W.A.T opinion

These are my opinions

  1. Swat maps created for swat please . Current maps to me feel weird on swat. They are huge and don’t get me wrong I want space between my enemy but circle the whole map only to get one kill is not fun.
  2. Kill cams or not to kill cams. Seriously after watching a kill can and seeing a guy shoot me through a wall I thought everyone was killing me through corners so remove them or fix them.
  3. The pistol is well dominating both the BR and DMR its fast accurate and can scope.
  4. Certain maps and colors make it to easy to hide. I can’t think of the map now but being blue is good for hiding.
  5. Melee one hit spam. Running around and punching should not be happening just my 2 cents.

That’s all just needed to vent had a horrible swat game